Tera Patrick, Ron Jeremy Featured in New Documentary

Veteran performers Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy will be featured in a provocative new documentary called FUCK. The THINK Film and Rainstorm Entertainment production is releasing this Friday in New York and Los Angeles and then will gradually open around the country in the coming weeks.

The film, directed by Steve Anderson, takes a look at the infamous F-word, from both the liberal and conservative perspectives. A definitive look at the expletive, FUCK explores how this oft-used word, still widely seen as obscene, somehow permeates every aspect of our culture — from Hollywood, to the schoolyard, to the Senate floor in Washington, where it is at the very center of the ongoing debate on Free Speech.

Creators said that FUCK looks to examine the word's impact through various interviews, film and television clips, and original animation by Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton.

Scholars and linguists who have examined its long history, comedians, adult performers like Patrick and Jeremy, actors, and writers who charted and popularized the word defend their Constitutional right to use it. According to the film’s creators, the effort is to discover what it is about this one syllable that both unites and polarizes people.

FUCK will be playing at the Quad Cinema in New York and the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles this weekend. For more information, go to and