'Taylor Wane Is Not Hooking, She’s Too Busy' Sez Laurien

Taylor Wane was busy giving an interview to talk-show hostess Robyn Byrd, but her husband Laurien had just a little to say about various gossip-site rumors that she was auctioning off pussy along with a seat at her awards show table.

“Taylor’s going to be presenting the biggest award of the night,” Laurien announced. “She’s got two seats up front, and [musician/actor] Gene Simmons is going to be in one of them. We [Taylor Wane Enterprises] bought a company table and we had a few seats left over, so what happened was, we let this Web site auction them off on the Internet, and they’re the ones who made all these claims that she’s so good looking and all that stuff; not her.”

“And I have to say, each seat sold for over $1200, and it includes NO SEX!” he emphasized. “We were just selling seats to sit next to Taylor Wane at the show, but unfortunately, [gossipers Luke Ford and Mike South] came up with some sort of bullshit that she was hooking and selling sex to people at the show for $1200. Believe me, if you were going to fuck Taylor Wane, it would cost a lot more than twelve hundred bucks.”

“They [Ford and South] don’t think anyone would pay $1200 to sit with her, but the fact is, she has a lot of fans.”

We asked about the Wane/Simmons connection.

“They’re filming a reality show,” Laurien said, “that’ll include walking down the red carpet and going into the show tomorrow night. They’re starting the show at Aquanauts at 9 o’clock tonight; she has reservations there, and it will go on through tonight and tomorrow, going to all the different parties, as part of the reality show.”

“Believe me, Taylor Wane is not hooking; she’s too busy working as an adult star in this business, and she’ll be with Gene Simmons all that time to prove it,” he summarized.

Laurien also wanted to scotch the rumor that Wane only got into Penthouse magazine because of Laurien’s connections to owner Bob Guccione.

“The plain fact is, I sent a test shoot in on Taylor Wane to Bob, and three days later, I got a call from Bob stating that he wanted to buy the test shoot,” Laurien recalled. “It’s only the second time in Penthouse history that a test shoot has ever been purchased by Bob. His exact word were, as he was looking through the loupe on the light box, ‘Some girls don’t have it; this one does.’ Three months later, she was in the magazine; the fastest publication I’ve ever heard of.”

“It’s also the first time in Penthouse history that a well-known porn star became a Penthouse pet and cover girl,” he continued. “At the time I submitted Taylor, there was a rule at Penthouse that no porn stars could be submitted, so I tried it, hoping I could trick them. When Bob found out about it, he hit the ceiling; his staff notified me that he was very unhappy about the situation, but my feeling to this day is that that’s what convinced Bob to go hard; once he found out that a Penthouse pet had ‘crossed over,’ he said, ‘What the fuck; I might as well go hard with the magazine.”

“That should answer all those gossips who said she wasn’t good-looking enough to be in Penthouse,” he charged.