Stoya to Appear on 'Mancow'

CHICAGO — Digital Playground girl Stoya will make her first appearance on nationally syndicated radio tomorrow morning on "The Mancow Show."

DP publicist Adella arranged the in-studio appearance because Stoya happened to be in Mancow's hometown for this past weekend's "Porn on the 4th" party with fellow contract girl Jesse Jane, Girlfriends Films and It Models.

"I think it's like how, when I'm walking around in Philly, and maybe I'm running an errand and I'll see a store that one of my friends works at, I'll pop in and be like, 'Hey! I was in your neighborhood, thought I'd say hi!'" Stoya said. "It's kinda like a really big, fancy version of that."

Stoya admitted to being nervous about the appearance for a variety of reasons.

"I can't say any bad words. Of all of the people to put on the FCC regulated, nationally syndicated radio show, they pick me," she said. "What if I say something terrible?"

On the other hand, she said the forum could work out well: "I think Mancow likes to play with fire!"

Some of the topics Stoya said she was prompted with as possible points of discussion on the show include: "The various schools of thought on pornography from various feminist groups, and what I think about them, and whether I consider myself a feminist or not. And we're going to talk about books, which is awesome, because I like books. Bisexuality as a genetic or learned behavior, what my opinion on that is.

"But a lot of this seems to all have to do with my opinion, and I feel like it would be better if it was like a conversation," she continued. "A dialogue between Mancow and the Stoya kitty."

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