Sondra Sommers on Tony Montana

If records were kept on such things, it might be a tie between Sunset Thomas and Sandra Sommers as to who has the best or most hard luck stories this year. Sommers, if the name doesn't ring a familiar note, was married very briefly to Tony Montana several years ago.

If you read this site, then you're probably familiar with some of Thomas' black clouds. Sommers' trials and tribulations, on the other hand, have remained more obscure. At this point in her life, Sommers declines to reveal where she lives. There's two reasons for that, she says. Tony and Montana.

Out of the adult business though still active with her fan club, Summers is raising five kids with a sixth along the way. She's currently in rehabilitation, courtesy of an automobile accident which put her through the windshield of her car. "I had to have a lot of plastic surgery. My face was reconstructed," she says. "But I still look good."

Sommers describes her accident thusly: "Some Mexican hit me in one of his company trucks. With no insurance. Drunk off his ass. He hit my car, and I went through the windshield. It really got bad. And I got remarried. My husband just had a stroke three weeks ago, but he's doing good. I've had pure hell after Mr. you-know-who. He must have jinxed me."

Sommers said as soon as she got wind of the fact that Montana tested HIV positive last week, she also tested and got a clean bill of health. "My girlfriend emailed me saying, 'I have urgent news for you on TM.' I said oh shit, what happened? I knew what it was because I knew his promiscuous ways. I said, that'll teach him to go both sides like that. Cause that's exactly what it was."

Sommers claims Montana brought a guy named Chuck along on their honeymoon. "He [Chuck] was from the other side of the fence if you know what I mean. He was his boyfriend. I didn't find that out until about three months after we were married. When I found that out, I tested ASAP. I said to Tony, 'You're such a womanizer, how could you go the other way?' He admitted it to me. I said I can't deal with this kind of thing with my kids.

"He did a couple of gay videos," Sommers continued. "Rod Fontana showed me a video clip from a jail scene with him doing that. Rod said I think you ought to know this. I said well, I don't know what to do. I told Tony, 'Look, I'm leaving you.' He said, 'You can't leave me, I'm you husband. You can't divorce me.' I said I'm leaving you, and he hunted me down for awhile. That's another reason why I left California the way I did. But he was so obsessed with the situation about his green card.

"Then, again, I'm sure he has nothing nice to say about me," Sommers goes on to say. "Trust me, with the abuse he put me and my kids through, and the stuff he put Crystal Gold through. I didn't find about until after we were married. Crystal was still in the picture where she would call me and say, 'Sondra, do you know this, this and this?' She'd tell me that Tony was stalking her. I said I believe it. I kind of stayed hidden for awhile. He doesn't know my whereabouts, and I'd like to keep it that way."

Some of Sommers run-ins with Montana during their time together, were grim, the way she tells it. "Ron Jeremy actually saved me one time," she recalls. "Tony had a knife at my throat. Ron's a doll baby. He's always been there for me. But a girlfriend who knows Tony, also, said thank God you got out of it when you did. I said no kidding."

Sommers says she met Montana at a Jim South casting call three years ago. "He [Tony] needed someone to get him his green card, so I was the candidate." Sommers and Montana got married in Vegas and split up, according to her, about three or four months after. Circumstances were "unbearable," Sommers says among which, she claims was Montana's supposed attraction for powdery substances. "He was doing that crack cocaine stuff," she says. "It was just a mess. I feel bad for his family, but after that hell he put me through, I don't feel sorry for him." Sommers says the last time she spoke to Montana was about 2 1/2 years ago.

Sommers: "I'm trying to get my life together because of the accident. It just knocked me out of the water real bad. I'm trying to stay away from California as much as I can right now. I don't want people seeing me the way I am."

Sommers says she also suffered two heart attacks as a result of her accident. "I was comatose for awhile. I lost about 40 pounds. I gained it all back. Thank God. I'm about 155 pounds now. Thank God it didn't damage me as far as my body, it was just my face.

"My husband says I look good the way it is. They did a real good job. I look pretty much the same except my cheek bones are a little bit higher. My voice is a little bit deeper because my throat was cut. I have 17 stitis there and cracked a couple of my teeth. My kids are doing good and trying to get through a lot of things."

Sommers: "My grandfather became real ill last year. He pretty much raised me. We just put him in a nursing home. He had cirrhosis of the liver. He only has 10% of his liver. Between him and my husband having a stroke, it's been devastating. Then when I got the news last week I said oh shit. I freaked. My husband knows everything. There's no secrets. I doubted whether I was [HIV], but it's a scary thought to know that my ex-husband is in this predicament and that there would be a possibility of it. As far as me, I'm cleared.

[Sommers' fan club address is P.O. Box 713, Pelion, South Carolina 29123.]

Tony Montana had this to say: "I did a jerk off scene in a gay movie called "The Boxer 2" - I played with myself in lockerroom." Montana admits to having smoked crack. "I'm not going to deny that," he said. As far as Sommers' marriage, Montana says, "If she's married she got divorced without me. How can she be remarried if she's still married to me legally?"Montana has this and much more to say in an interview that will be posted Wednesday morning.