Skeeter&#8217;s Back with Robert Hill&#8217;s <i>Sex and Submission</i>

His much-gossiped-about legal problems behind him, Skeeter Kerkove is back once again shooting his brand of fetish flavored anal adult. His latest release, Sex and Submission, from niche specialist Robert Hill Releasing, streets next week.

“I used to shoot a lot of bondage and sex in 2002 and the beginning of 2003,” Kerkove, his former trademark bald head now sprouting longish hair beneath a baseball cap, told, “but all it ever did was end up going on the cutting room floor.”

“One time 15 seconds of it got snuck in by accident,” he recalled with a laugh.

“So I asked (Robert Hill Releasing owner) Lynton (Appelson) if I could do a movie that’s all bondage and sex. Because I had already talked to all these performers who wanted to do it, and talked to their agents and everything, and he said, ‘Yeah. Go ahead and shoot it Skeeter. Do whatever you want.’”

The result is Sex and Submission, shot in one day in May with Marie Luv, Adrianna Nicole, Staci Thorn and others. Kerkove emphasized that the bondage restraints used in the production are the self-release variety, which allow the performers to undo them at any time.

Since 1994, Kerkove has directed for Smash, Mayhem, Rosebud, Private, Fusxion and even Vivid among others.

A nasty divorce from now-retired performer/director Bridgette Kerkove sidelined Skeeter’s career for six months last year, but once that and related legal problems were resolved, he hooked up with Robert Hill Releasing.

“My attorney is friends with them,” he said. “And that’s how we met.”

Thus far, he said, it’s been an enjoyable ride at Robert Hill: “I get to shoot whatever I want, whenever I want. Anything. Anything at all.”

But Kerkove also continues to shoot for other companies as well, including the Pleasure Productions-distributed Rosebud, for which he helms such lines as Heavy Metal and Black and White Assfault.

“I love what I do,” he said. “And I get the job done in one day.”

Other Skeeter Kerkove titles for Robert Hill Releasing include Big Tit Ass Stretchers, Contortionista, Girls Sodomizing Girls and I Eat Cum from My Ass, all in stores now.

Robert Hill Releasing () is profiled in the September 2006 AVN.