Roxanne Hall: Contract Girl or From Buttwoman to Slutwoman in 60 Days or Less

-- "This is the perfect business for me," explained beautiful Brit starlet Roxanne Hall, who in June inked an exclusive one-year performance contract with Elegant Angel Productions. "I like things down and dirty. If I weren't doing this, I'd probably be a hooker."\n Under the terms of the contract, Hall will be shooting an average of eight scenes per month for a number of the company's in-house directors. "It'll be an opportunity for me to work in everything from features to gonzo to basic sex videos," Hall observed. "I think that will keep things interesting."\n Hall was originally signed some months back to portray the new Buttwoman, but when she sat down with Elegant owner Patrick Collins to discuss the types of scenes she wanted to shoot for the series, Collins reportedly told her, "You're too filthy just to be the new Buttwoman," and offered Hall a contract. Which also led to a name change for the series, now titled Slutwoman. "Buttwoman was good," said Hall, "but Slutwoman will be different from what [former Buttwomen] Tianna and Tiffany Mynx did."\n Different how?\n "Let's just say there'll be at least one scene for everybody's taste in each volume," said Hall. "It won't matter if you're gay, straight, or whatever. We're going to try to push the envelope a little more with this. We're going for the bizarre."\n Coming from Hall and Collins, it's probably a safe bet they'll succeed.\n The first volume of Slutwoman is tentatively slated for an October release.