‘Poor Little Shyla 2’ At Last on DVD From Girlfriends Films

RESEDA, Calif.—On June 12, Girlfriends Films gives Poor Little Shyla 2 a long-awaited DVD release. The title includes a bonus sex scene for a total of five passionate lesbian scenes. Poor Little Shyla 2 premiered January 1, 2012 as video-on-demand exclusively on . Shortly after its debut, Poor Little Shyla 2 climbed to the top spot on the most-viewed chart for the VOD provider and currently ranks as the numbe-one downloaded movie of the year.

HotMovies.com is one of the largest VOD adult content providers in the world. While the site offers a variety of more than 150,000 titles to its millions of visitors, year after year Girlfriends Films is named the Most Downloaded Studio on the site.

“Poor Little Shyla 2 earned more money in its first month on the site than most titles do in a year,” said HotMovies.com content manager Jesse. “The title continues the tradition of excellent performance we expect from every Girlfriends Films special release we do. In less than two months, Poor Little Shyla beat out another strong title from Girlfriends Films to claim the overall number-one spot on our site.”

Girlfriends Films vice president Moose said, “Considering the success of the first volume of Poor Little Shyla on VOD and later on DVD, we had extremely high expectations for the sequel. With that said, Poor Little Shyla 2 still managed to surpass our boldest predictions with its record breaking run on HotMovies.com. We are glad to know it’s been such a great seller for HotMovies and are happier still to know it meets with the approval of our consumers. With the DVD release, the movie will reach an even larger market.”

In Poor Little Shyla, Shyla Jennings wants desperately to be like other schoolgirls her age: dating, gossiping, going to the mall and experimenting with her budding sexuality. Jennings is not like other girls, though. Her confinement to leg braces and crutches make her the constant target of teasing.

Volume 2 introduces Jennings to an array of new partners who are able to look past the disability at her beauty. Jennings bonds with Heather, a young girl paralyzed after a horrible car accident. In addition, she develops a crush on her mature afternoon caregiver, Stephanie, who gives her daily baths. There’s also her friend Lily, who masturbates daily to the thought of Shyla. Even though Jennings is different from other girls her age, her life is still filled with the same drama and heartache all those on the cusp of womanhood are faced with.

Poor Little Shyla: Volume 2 features five hot and kinky sex scenes, three of which include Shyla Jennings. The movie also stars Heather Starlet, Julia Ann, Lily Carter, Sensi Pearl, Syren De Mer and Georgia Jones.