On the Set of Girlfriends Films' 'Pin-Up Girls'

LOS ANGELES—In an effort to answer the many requests of fans to produce a movie centered on a lingerie store, Girlfriends Films owner and director Dan O’Connell has created Pin-Up Girls, a series that revolves around the 1950s pornography trade through “girly magazines.” The pre-1950s-style house that is to be the backdrop for today’s performances has been masterfully furnished and outfitted with classic ’50s antiques and memorabilia. With such attention to detail, it’s hard to imagine it’s nearing 2010 right outside the door.

Minutes away from show time, Girlfriends Films contract girl RayVeness explains the underlying storyline by saying, “I’m playing the leading role of an entrepreneurial fashion model who recruits fellow models into the scheme of taking and selling sexy photographs for money.” O’Connell later joins the conversation by adding that it took him over a year to acquire all of the “period-perfect” furnishings, props, and costumes. His attention to detail in regard to this project is staggering, and is perfectly actualized on Victoria White and Ashlyn Rae, who look ideal in their respective undergarments.

As Victoria and Ashlyn take their positions on a wooden bed, Victoria begins by funneling Ashlyn’s perfect breasts into her mouth and spreading her legs open to take in a deep whiff of the aroma between her legs. Once the room is littered with bras, panties and girdles, the girls go down on each other with incredible results before rubbing their crotches together like crickets. “Wow, that was hot!” O’Connell later applauds, as he congratulates the girls on delivering one hell of a scene.

RayVeness and Avy Scott also do their part to continue the action as they enthusiastically master the art of lesbian seduction. When fully exposed, Avy loudly slurps around RayVeness’ curly muff and wedges the tip of her nipple in and out of RayVeness’ glossy hole. “I just can’t get enough of you,” Avy spurts as the room and O’Connell go wild.

With such attention to detail and the realistic lesbian sex that Girlfriends Films has become synonymous with, expect great things from this production. Even though the movie itself may be fashioned over a time long past, Pin-Up Girls is anything but old-fashioned.

This article originally ran in the January 2010 issue of AVN. Read Paul Fishbein's review of Pin-Up Girls here.