On the Set: Wicked's 'Speed'

For anyone who doubts that porn is already way across the line into mainstream, we present as evidence: Wicked Pictures’ Speed.

The script, by director Brad Armstrong, brings together four L.A. motorcycle clubs—not the proverbial gang-banger types, but “sport riding clubs”—the kind with beautiful gals like jessica drake, Alektra Blue, Jada Fire, Misty Stone and Kaylani Lei in them.

“I think the one day on the bridge was our biggest day,” Armstrong recalled. “We shut down the Sixth Street Bridge [in downtown Los Angeles] and we had about 70 or 80 bikes out there.”

But that’s not all. Over the course of this shoot, which lasted nearly three weeks, the production company also managed to get a portion of the Antelope Valley Freeway (Route 14) closed for a big racing scene, and took over “Club Ed”—a former motel/restaurant in Lancaster—for a couple of days, closing down the road in front of the club for even more motorcycle racing. (Click here for photographs from the Speed set.)

Although Armstrong enlisted the services of actor Derrick Pierce, a motorcycle enthusiast who’s also president of the San Fernando Division of the Rough Riders M.C., to corral most of the movie’s extras, his biggest catch was Dale DaBone, who recently returned to adult from mainstream.

Speed is pretty much a study of ‘bike culture,’ so to speak, and it’s an homage to Torque or Biker Boyz, which are the two big bike culture movies,” Armstrong explained. “Dale actually was the lead stuntman on Torque. He’s a very big bike rider and stunt guy. He did all the stunts for the guy who really did star in Torque; and on Dale’s website, he’s got a picture of himself and the star wearing the same gear. We also have a lot of the same mainstream locations as Biker Boyz and Torque, both of which were shot on that Sixth Street Bridge. Torque was also partly shot at Club Ed, so a lot of our locations were the exact locations from the movies we were paying tribute to. I tried to get as close to mainstream as I could, and here we really did: We have the same stuntman, the same locations, so that was kind of cool, and in some cases, we have even cooler stunts than they did.”

One aspect of the movie that motorcycle (and porn) fans should also relish is the sight of jessica drake jumping onto her bike and riding off for some new adventure, with no stuntwoman needed.

“Jessica had a Harley several years ago, but when we started gearing up to do the movie, she actually took a course and learned how to ride the bike again,” Armstrong said. “She got trained on the sports bike and got her license because she was bound and determined that she was going to do some of her own riding, and she did. She actually made the movie much better by allowing me to get the shots with the chick actually pulling up on the bike and driving away on the bike, so that was sort of cool.”

Despite all the extras, the movie’s plot isn’t too difficult to follow.

“Basically, there’s an Asian gang, a black gang, a white gang and then there’s kind of a rebel gang, so the Wicked girls are kind of scattered among those gangs,” Armstrong explained. “Kirsten Price plays the youngest daughter of this old motorcycle family—the kind that would race out at the flats; kind of that old ‘speed record’ type of family. They’ve been building bikes like forever, and her father, the family monarch, played by Fred Lincoln, has gone to jail because of some bad debts and getting involved with stolen parts, so the police have come to her to be their confidential informant and snitch on the clubs, and in return, they’re going to go easy on her dad and get him out of jail. So we get a little bit of the inter-club drama, and then we get a bit of drama during the big bike rally and the races and stuff like that.”

“Stuff like that” certainly includes sex, and the Speed DVD will feature a full 12 scenes, including the 17-person poolside orgy AVN was privileged to attend. It begins with jessica leading boyfriend Barrett Blade to a “party” out behind the motel, but once there, they can see that everybody’s getting it on with everyone else. Among the participants, besides all of the Wicked girls, are Chanel Preston, Kayme Kai, Tory Lane, Brianna Blair, Barrett, Dale, Eric Masterson, Sascha, Marcus London and Bill Bailey.

While it isn’t possible to describe just who’s doing what to whom, rest assured there’s plenty of pussy-licking and b.j.s, on the lawn chairs surrounding the pool, and even on an ice chest. The girls switch partners frequently, but we noted Jessica giving Eric a reverse cowgirl ride; Alektra doing the same for Marcus; Chanel getting mished by Sascha; and Barrett sliding it into Brianna doggie style.

“Fourteen cast members had dialogue,” Armstrong noted, “and about 30 of them had sex, so that’s one big fat cast!”

Speed will be released by Wicked Pictures in September. A PG-13 trailer has been posted on the . This article originally ran in the August issue of AVN.