On the Set: Reality Junkies' 'Filthy Family 4'

This article originally ran in the August 2011 issue of AVN. Click here to see a digital version of the magazine.

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—The "Filthy Family portrait" shot on the set of the Reality Junkies production Filthy Family 4, pretty much says it all. There's the aloof dad, played by Tommy Gunn, flanked by wife (and frequent Best MILF Performer nominee) Tanya Tate in a low-cut blouse and Asa Akira in her maid's outfit, holding a feather-duster in one hand, and resting the other tellingly on Tommy's shoulder. Then there's the three kids, Chanel Preston, Lily LaBeau and Victoria Rae Black, smiling seductively and obviously ready for action.

And action is what Filthy Family 4 delivers—in loads.

"This is the story about a family and their adventures outside of that family," explained director Bobby Manila. "So they would have sex with their neighbors, or like their son's girlfriend, but not between themselves; there's no incest going on. They can't even see each other naked; Mile High doesn't allow it, because we want to feed the clean fantasy of the dad cheating on his wife; the wife cheating on her husband with the cute guy next door; and the daughters going off with their bad-boy boyfriends. So it deals with a family of horny people."

Manila added, "We try to pick girls who are doing something with their careers. We try to pick girls that are top-ranked on FreeOnes, and we check other sites as far as their rankings, and we tend to pick girls who do very well on those sites. The days of shooting DVDs, of shooting one hot girl and then putting four ugly dogs in the movie, are gone now; every scene counts these days, so we try to give the customers more bang for their buck. That's one reason it's been a very popular series."

We can see why. The day's shooting started with dialogue, setting up two basic though interconnected scenarios: Tommy's going to the airport to pick up daughters Victoria and Lily, who've been away someplace for a while, and Tanya's planning a dinner party for them and some friends, assisted by Asa, who's a bit miffed that Tanya talks to her as if, just because she's Asian, she doesn't understand English.

Then it's time for the sex. First up is Tanya, who tries to tell Chanel's ex-boyfriend, Rocco Reed, that her daughter's moved on now and he should stop coming to the house and bothering her. Just to make sure he gets the message, she fucks him on the couch, taking his ample member in her mouth, letting him lick her tits and pussy, then fucking him missionarily, riding him in both directions, then presenting her butt for doggie. (Sorry; no anal; that's for later.)

Certainly in the running for this movie's best scene is the next one to be shot. Asa complains to Tommy about his wife's talking down to her, but just to show there's no hard feelings, she releases his cock from his trousers and begins sucking on it. The sex proceeds with mainly the same positions as the Tanya/Rocco match-up, but once Asa climbs into Tommy's lap for cowgirl, it's as if someone kicked her ass into Red Bull overload: It moves up and down so fast, it's practically a blur.

Next up, Tommy warns Chanel and multi-tattooed boyfriend Barry Scott that they'd better behave themselves. Rebel that she is, Chanel skips vaginal penetration altogether and lets Barry stick it right into her ass. He fucks her nether hole every which way from Sunday, often with his hand on her throat for extra kink, until the pair collapse exhausted on the couch.

Finally, we get to see lanky brunette (and former Playboy model) Victoria pleasure boyfriend Justin Magnum in all the usual positions, and it's quite clear that the young starlet just lives getting her clit stimulated by Justin's massive pronger. Too bad we couldn't stick around for Lily's scene with Ryan Blaze, but we're sure it's at least as good as the rest.

Filthy Family 4 will be released by Reality Junkies/Mile High on Sept. 28.