On the Set: Jessica Drake's 'What Girls Like'

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Jessica Drake contemplates a bed on the set of her directorial debut, What Girls Like. Nothing is noticeably uncommon about the bed. Draped in red satin sheets and surrounded by candles, it appears comfortable and inviting to this sleep-deprived scribe. But this bed is meant for triple X action and not catching z's. Drake springs into action, moving candles and scattering rose petals over the pillows. Satisfied, she smiles and says, "That's better."

Drake's trademark Texas charm shines in her courtesy and hospitality. She greets me like an old friend and insists on pouring me a tall ice-cold beverage. This is Drake's second day of shooting and everything is running ahead of schedule-an impressive feat for any director.

"I'm very schedule oriented," Drake notes with an almost apologetic laugh. "I like lists. I like being organized. I've been generous with my shooting schedule to allow myself enough time to figure out what the hell I'm doing."

The willowy star of such blockbusters as Manhunters and The Craving has won multiple AVN awards for her acting and sexual performances, but takes the accolades in stride, preferring to challenge herself rather than to rest on her laurels.

Drake has scripted several movies for the Wicked and served as assistant director for Brad Armstrong on such tent-pole releases as last year's Coming Home. Girls marks the first of four projects Drake will direct this year.

"It's hard work but I love it," Drake enthuses. "All the practice I had with Brad [director Brad Armstrong] is definitely paying off. It's all coming very naturally to me."

Daisy, the scene's starlet, emerges from wardrobe in a small black outfit and stockings. The slender Latina manages to turn the heads of even the most jaded crew members. But Daisy only flirts with Drake throughout the shoot.

"It's cool to have a girl direct you," Daisy coos. "Jessica is phenomenal. It helps that she's really pretty, too."

Daisy is nervous about delivering the scene's dialogue-written by Drake. She repeats her lines under her breath up until Drake calls for action. Two takes later, it's time for Daisy's sex scene.

The male talent arrives late and is mocked ruthlessly by the crew-not for his tardiness, but simply for being a Euro metrosexual. Nico, however, takes the ribbing good-naturedly. He seeks out Drake for instruction and then prepares for the scene.

"He's going to worship me in this scene," notes Daisy, "so it really works in my favor."

The scene goes off without a hitch. Drake thanks everyone for their hard work.

"I couldn't be happier with this shoot," she says. "I'm already looking forward to the next!"