On the Set: Girlfriends Films' New Series, 'Lesbian Sex'

Considering all the thousands of adult videos produced every year, is it really possible that nobody thought of one of the most obvious names?

"The new series is called Lesbian Sex," Girlfriends Films owner Dan O'Connell said on a set somewhere in Encino, Calif., "and surprisingly, nobody had taken that name in regard to titling a video with it, and so we were wondering what can we do with this? It's a different type of series, and I thought 'lesbian sex'—we looked it up and couldn't find anything, so that's going to be the name of the series."

Actually, there are a couple of series that use the phrase, but none so simply—and the new series is Girlfriends' first foray into what might be termed "reality-based porn."

"We're taking two girls who know each other—who are good friends and proven performers, girls from the industry—and we're putting them together, and the first thing we're going to do is put them together in an interview type of situation and then they will talk about sex for maybe a half hour, then they will go have it," O'Connell explained.

Although the first volume of the series will feature Kara Price with Abby Darling, India Summer with Prinzzess, Dana DeArmond with Rilee Marks, and Elexis Monroe with Brandi Love, AVN was present for an interview and scene from a later volume: Elexis Monroe with Sinn Sage.

"These two are good friends off camera and they like working together and having sex with other girls," O'Connell noted before shooting began. "I know people are always interested in BTS [behind-the-scenes], and so we're giving them the BTS up front: These two will talk about tribbing; they're both into grinding, girl-to-girl grinding; they're both big grinders. They'll talk about their careers and what they like in girl/girl sex; maybe we'll hear about their first sexual experiences, or maybe when they first recognized that they were interested in sex, things like that. We'll be asking questions from behind the camera, though probably not many; it's mostly up to them."

Indeed, the women talked about all of those topics during the interview, but what attracted our attention were their thoughts on some of the important social issues of the day.

"They should be talking to teenagers as though they were having sex, because they are," said Sinn when asked how she'd advise schools to teach sex education. "And they definitely should tell them about erogenous zones, because if you're a 17-year-old virgin and you're a dude and you're expected to take the lead when you're with a girl for the first time, and they don't know how to make a girl feel good, feel sexy; they're too young ... What would be wrong with pointing at a picture and saying, 'This feels really good; this feels really good.'"

"I think also they should start to talk about lesbians and gays and couples," Elexis added. "This is 2011. We live in a world now where people are trying to get married; there are lesbian and gay couples that have children, and I have tons of friends that are lesbian and tons of friends that are gay ... and I think it's something you should talk about."

Of course, once the talk was done, it was time for the action. As noted earlier, both gals are into "tribbing," which some would describe as "scissoring," but it's well worth listening to these women explain the differences—and watch them demonstrating it.

Early on, the gals lock their bodies in a lotus-position embrace, gradually removing each other's clothes until they have full-naked-body contact, at which point Elexis takes the lead, licking Sinn ferociously, her hands exploring every inch of Sinn's body. Soon, it's Sinn's turn on top, and here's where some excellent tribbing action can be seen, as Sinn begins to rub her pussy on Elexis' thigh, and later we're treated to some hot clit-to-clit action. Before long, Sinn's produced a strap-on, and after Elexis helps her into it, Sinn plunges her missionarily and doggie style, which the older blonde obviously loves, until the pair fall, exhausted, into a spoon-style embrace. It's a long, sweaty scene, and we're hoping the company will include some final shots of the gals' sated faces.

Lesbian Sex, Vol. 1, from Girlfriends Films, will be released on August 17.