On The Set: Flower Tucci Stars In <i>Pussyman's Foot Festival 3</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – David "Pussyman" Christopher is working his fetish kung-fu as he lenses his latest, Pussyman's Foot Festival 3.

"I'm doing a footjob/blowjob," giggles star Flower Tucci. "It'll be fun...I don't get to do them that often."

Tucci, who's been more of a Web presence than a video star over the last year, says of her return to DVDs, "I prefer making DVDs because you're working with different people and doing different things. When I was doing the Internet, it was constantly the same scene over and over. It became redundant and boring, Work is work, but here I was two days every week putting oil all over my ass and saying. 'This is my girlfriend and we're horny!' It gets boring."

Tucci prepares for her scene by donning a pair of heavy woolen socks and squeezing herself into some sort of lacy contraption to show off her impressive backside. "I'm really just wearing these because it's so cold," she laughs. "I actually should even be wearing them because they're leaving marks on my feet,"

Costar Guy DaSilva adds, "In a foot fetish movie, you don't want to walk around and get your feet all dirty. "I'm not into sucking on dirty feet."

Tucci warns DaSilva, "These two toes might smell a little bit like nail polish. And they're freezing!"

Christopher says of his latest effort, "The girls take their toes and their feet…but we do the whole Pussyman tease along with it where the girls show off their pussies and asses. And since I'm into face-sitting, I also do that as well."

However, the veteran shooter isn't about to limit himself to a narrowly-defined genre. "The emphasis is on the foot," Christopher says, "but if the girls have other attributes like a nice, big, round ass—like Flower—I'll incorporate that into the scene. Stuff like the big ass…or squirting."

On that bit of wisdom, Christopher, DaSilva, Tucci and Tucci's feet retire to the bathroom of Pussyman's pad to shoot the scene, which delivers as promised: lots of foot sex and a whole lot of ass. Nice.

Pussyman's Foot Festival 3 from Feline Films is distributed through Legend Video. For upcoming street date, shipping and sales, call (818) 734-4200.