New Sensations Parodies 'The Office'

GLENDALE, Calif. — Walking through the halls of a high-rise office building, Ashlynn Brooke looks every bit the sexy office professional in a black pencil skirt and purple v-neck sweater that shows just enough cleavage to probably keep her co-workers from getting any work done.

Brooke is playing the lead role in New Sensations' yet-unnamed parody of the hit television show "The Office" and she has Steve Carell's role of Michael pinned.

"My character, Michelle, thinks she's really funny, but she's not," Brooke says with a smile, clearly having a good time with the part. "She thinks everyone in the office obeys her, but they don't."

Michelle is the centerpiece of a documentary about what goes on behind closed doors at her office and she has promised the documentary crew plenty of behind-closed-doors sex — plus extras, like a sexual harassment meeting led by strippers.

New Sensations' parody of the TV hit is the brainchild of writer/director Lee Roy Myers, a mainstream comedy writer who also wrote Oren Cohen's XXX sitcom parody The Dirty Facts of Life.

"I think this is probably the funniest thing I've written," says Myers, "and to have the opportunity to combine that with hot sex is every comedy writer's fantasy."

In one of the bits shot prior to today, James Deen, as one of the office employees, was making a sale on the phone while Dane Cross incessantly banged away on his stapler. Deen couldn't hear his phone call, so he grabbed Cross' stapler and tossed it away — only to have Cross pull out a bigger stapler and carry on his loud stapling.

"That bit really feels like an episode of 'The Office'," adds Myers. "The actors are hilarious and the fact that they're able to give me insanely good sex scenes helps make this movie what it is."

Alexis Texas walks in wearing a blouse and black vest, as well as a pencil skirt that nearly matches Brooke's. The two girls will be working together with Mark Wood in a threesome. "This is the first time I get to work with Ashlynn," Texas eagerly says. "I'm going to take advantage of her."

"For the past two years, I've always seen Alexis on set, but I've never had the chance to work with her," adds Brooke.

"Ashlynn has such great boobs," Texas says. "And I love to watch girls with big boobs get fucked. I love seeing them move around. I'm a motorboatin' son-of-a-bitch!"


"That's when you put your face in a girl's cleavage, move your head from side to side and make noise," Texas says. She gives a quick demonstration with her face in Brooke's cleavage — motorboat sounds and all.

As the sound carries down the hall, Mark Wood approaches wearing a suit and tie and looking sharp — though not loving the professional look.

"At least it's better than the assless chaps I had to wear on my last shoot," Wood says. "I wore assless chaps, a studded-leather Mad Max outfit and I had to play a submissive, crawling on the floor to lick [his girlfriend] Francesca's boots."

Wood smiles. "We're not like that all."

According to Ashlynn, the 'Office' parody has been in the works for roughly six months.

"With all of the parodies out there, we wanted to shoot something really funny — but also a little bit different," she says. "All of the spoofs out there are parodies of old shows. There aren't any new show parodies."

"New Sensations saw the parody thing blow up and they are taking it in a new direction with "The Office" parody," notes Myers. "I'm just glad Scott [Taylor, New Sensations owner,] gave me the opportunity to shoot what is probably the funniest show currently on TV as a triple-X parody with an all-star cast."

Business talk subsides, however, as Texas starts playing with her own boobs.

"I like rubbing my boobs," she notes. "They're underrated. They're not as large as my ass, but they are D-cups."

Texas is about to take her D-cups out of her blouse when one of the lighting crew announces that the set is ready to shoot. Brooke, Texas, Wood and Myers head towards set and shortly thereafter the sounds of moans and motorboats carry through the office hallway.