More Than 40,000 Attend Sexpo Brisbane

BRISBANE, Queensland—Considered the most popular of the Australian Sexpo events, the Queensland version did not disappoint this weekend as more than 40,000 people “paid their way into the world's biggest adult lifestyle show at the Convention Centre, dazzled by porn stars, strippers, show bags and sideshow alley,” according to the .

“Heavy queues for the Sex Train were matched only by the crowds gathered around the brave participants of strip poker, while porn stars Lexi Belle and Alexis Texas didn't have time to put their breasts away, so heavy was the demand for a picture with them,” the article continued.

The crowds were also interested in another celeb from the States, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, who signed autographs and had her photo taken with the multitudes Down Under, many of whom expected the feature dancer and renowned celebrity “home wrecker” to sport horns in addition to her tats.

“This is so fun,” said McGee, of her time at Sexpo. “A lot of people have come to see me out of curiosity and they've been surprised how nice I am. They think I'm going to be an awful, mean person.”

Also in attendance at the Brisbane Sexpo was the Australian Sex Party, which went with an agenda to not only have fun, but also to influence local voters for the next Queensland election, and maybe even find some promising candidates.

“This will be the first Queensland election we have run in and we expect to pull voters from the conservatives to the Greens,” said Party convener Fiona Patten. “We’re also keeping our eye out for interesting candidates who turn up at Sexpo.”

In a press release issued prior to the start of the expo, the first-of-its-kind political party stated that Sex Party preferences in the last federal election had determined the outcome of the last Queensland Senate seat, and that while Patten had failed to win an upper house seat in the last Victorian election (by only 3,000 votes), the Party expects to double its vote in the Queensland in the state election while becoming only the seventh political party to be registered in QLD.

The Sex Party’s progressive platform notwithstanding, Patten made the argument that it’s high time Queensland’s citizens embrace new types of governance in addition to new ideas.

“Both the LNP and Labor are old-style parties created before the internet and social networking whereas the Sex Party was born in the middle of these social changes. The old-fashioned parties have buried important social reforms that strike deeply at the personal freedom of individuals,” she said.

“Queensland is Australia’s most conservative state and has censorship laws like China and Iran and abortion laws like Alabama and New Guinea,” said Patten. “With social attitudes like that Queensland cannot progress much further on economic and cultural fronts.”

She added that Queensland’s abortion laws, which criminalize abortion in some circumstances, should be revoked; euthanasia laws need to allow people to die with dignity; censorship laws need to be rewritten to match the rest of Australia; and drugs should be regulated by the government instead of being banned.

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