Max Hardcore Signs Cloey Adams

Cloey Adams \nLOS ANGELES - Max Hardcore's Filmwest Productions has signed Cloey Adams to an exclusive six-month contract.

"I think we have something very special with Cloey Adams," Max enthuses. "She's 18, she lives in Reno, she's married, so she's got a fairly stable environment. She didn't want to just come down and work with strangers week after week. And plus, most of these losers don't even know that to get a girl to the set you're supposed to pay for all the transportation. We understand that, of course; we fly girls in from all over the world.

"[Adams is] a very special girl; first of all, she's very pretty. She could be doing regular modeling if she wanted to. She looks easily as good as any of the Private girls. And she's a very petite girl; that works well with us because I'm only about 5'10", so I don't want to work with Amazons. And she has a great, great body. And also - the most important thing - is her fantastic attitude, which the customers will be able to see with her first release for us, in May on Maxed Out 19…. She's really nasty, but she looks very innocent, and that's what I was looking for; some sort of stability.

"We were looking for something to expand our audience appeal. And one of the things we looked at was to work another girl into the scenes on a recurring basis to expand the possibilities for various different activities. Threeways are not a new idea, but the way that Max Hardcore is going to do it, it's going to be pretty different and pretty strong; I can tell you that."