Larry Flynt trial

Here's what some readers have to say to the Cincinnati Enquirer regarding the Larry Flynt trial:

We are wasting a lot of time worrying over putting Flynt in jail. He will eventually win this case, too! He has obviously been set up with a 'mature-looking' teen with a fake i.d. by our over-zealous prosecutors. Just because someone sells something that you don't like, is no cause for putting them behind bars. There are lots of good standing citizens that read and/or view such materials in their own privacy. As for the Jury selection-- It's like having 10 wolves and 1 sheep decide what to have for dinner. Luckily though, the one sheep will allow for the whole process to end in a mistrial! Cinci is once again making national headlines as a mockery. (..just like our prosecuting of Maplethorpe)

\nAmen (!) This city is a disgrace sometimes, not to mention a laughing-stock to the rest of the country. I agree that it was likely a planted teen that supposedly bought some adult material at the store, it was a little "too convenient" for the store to have sold to a minor. Without people like

Flynt, who knows what encroachments would be made next on the 1st Amendment. For those who find his merchandise offensive, you have a right to believe so. But don't try to force your prudishness on the whole community, just don't go to his store. This city needs to focus on important issues, like a multi-national drug research firm here in Cincinnati that experiments on unsuspecting study participants violating safety rules, with untrained personnel conducting studies, and falsified records. But for over a year the Hamilton County Prosecutor [in conjunction with the Hamilton County Health Commissioner] stalled as to their position, until finally stating they can't do anything about it.

Yeah, adult materials being used by adults is more dangerous to the community than a drug researcher conducting experiments in a reckless, illegal and dangerous fashion. The City and the County Prosecutor's office need to get their priorities straight, quit wasting our tax money and do the job they are being paid by us to do: Protect the Community. Not legislat on morality and issues that reflect personal choice, issues that have no place being prohibited by the local authorities.

\nDefinitely a planted teen. He was on the payroll of the police and worked 50 other sting operations for them. Larry's attorneys have asked for their records to be turned over where they have:

\n--Parental permission to employee him for police work. \n--Tax records where they are doing the proper withholding, including signed W-2's, etc. \n--There were some other documentation I don't remember that should be there. \nYeah, Larry isn't hurting anyone except the ruffled feathers of Si and the local prosecutors. He obviously isn't hurting "community standards" too much since his business is booming. I took a trip downtown to patronize his store just for the principal of the matter. Didn't really see anything I wanted, so I bought a newspaper, but the place was packed in the evening.

HINT: Maybe city council should thank Larry for bringing people downtown in the evening hours??? Isn't this one of their goals?

Check Larry's biography out of your local library. An interesting read and a fascinating account of the 70's trial and first amendment issues. I loved the colorful description of Al Schottekotte!

\nFlynt is laughing all the way to the bank by the people who think he has any interest in the First Amendment. I doubt if he could even read it. Didn't he also get religion while he was in jail years ago? He's a total hypocrite....Eliza

\nYou have some very strong feelings on this issue. What exactly about him angers you so much (?) He is only providing what some people want to procure. Exploitation of women (?) I would be willing to bet the models in his magazines get compensated fairly well, besides they CHOOSE to live that lifestyle. Morals (?) If we Americans didn't have so many hang-ups about sex, maybe we wouldn't have so many problems. Please share your thoughts, but maybe you could lose the anger. Your points will be accepted more readily if you can "agree to disagree" and respect other people's opinions.

\nEliza, why are you so angry? Lighten up. We are all grown up having a discussion. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you stated on another post that you don't believe in God. Why the opinion on Larry Flynt's faith?