Kayden Kross Charged In Mortgage Scam

SACRAMENTO - Adult star Kayden Kross has been accused of violations of California's Penal Code, reportedly involving investments she made in foreclosed homes. The charges include grand theft (Sec. 487(a) of the Penal Code) and violations of the Civil Code involving contracts for purchases of home equity (Sec. 1695.3).

While the exact nature of the charges in the criminal complaint are not yet known, knowledgeable sources have told AVN that the charges involve Kross and other defendants having purchased at least two homes that were in foreclosure but still occupied, in an arrangement where Kross would assume ownership and collect rent on the properties until the occupants were in a position to buy back the properties. However, none of that information is currently verified.

"We're really at the initial stages of the case, so a lot of the details are unknown," said Kross's attorney Jon-Paul Valcarenghi of the Sacramento firm of Rothschild Wishek & Sands. "What I can tell you is that Miss Kross was 20 years old and financially inexperienced when she became the victim of two mortgage professionals that she naively trusted. At least one other young woman was similarly victimized, and we intend to investigate these allegations and vigorously defend Miss Kross."

When asked to define the term "mortgage professionals" and to describe what form the victimization took, Valcarenghi said he was unable to be more forthcoming.

"Here's why," he said. "Only because of my limit on my ability to comment because of professional rules, but also because Miss Kross has not been arraigned in court. There has not even been a court appearance yet. I have not even seen the charging document from the court file, so I'm sorry that I can't provide more details."

Kross is scheduled to be arraigned in California District Court in Sacramento on Oct. 14, and it is expected that she will move at that time to sever her case from those of other defendants similarly charged in the complaint.

Kross, 23, is an exclusive contract performer for Adam & Eve Pictures. As more details become available, they will be reported here.