Kay Brandt Ventures to Open 'Jewel Box'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Veteran writer/director/producer Kay Brandt is looking to strike out on her own with a new line of ambitious lesbian fare she's dubbed Jewel Box.

Having done extensive writing and directing work at all-girl studio Girlfriends Films, as well as resurrected and revamped Metro Media's signature all-girl series, Babes Illustrated, Brandt is well versed in the genre. What she hopes will separate Jewel Box movies from other girl/girl offerings, though, are the 20 years of mainstream production experience she has under her belt, as well as her focus on quality and going above and beyond the needs of the niche market.

"I've been a scriptwriter for many, many years, so I want to apply all the mainstream experience that I have and put it into Jewel Box, but where the sex scenes are still market-worthy, and hopefully better than what [consumers are] seeing anywhere else," Brandt told AVN.

Saying that she felt "boxed in" working within the confines of already-established franchises, Brandt explained that the concepts she has in mind for Jewel Box projects are more intricate than what she's been allowed to do elsewhere.

"I want to do premium features and episodics, recurring storyline concepts," she said. "It's all like if you were watching a series on Showtime or HBO, only it was totally unrestricted as far as how explicit it got."

Producers or studios interested in learning more about Brandt's plans for Jewel Box may contact her at [email protected]