Juicy Pink Box, Girlfriends Films Open Up ‘Boutique’

RESEDA, Calif.—Producer Juicy Pink Box and Distributor Girlfriends Films will release the debut volume of its new series, Boutique, on DVD June 14. The stylish new series features over two hours of real, passionate lesbian sex from the creators of the Feminist Porn Awards’ Hottest Lesbian Series, Taxi.

Boutique stars Shyla Jennings in two scenes and Jett Bleu in three scenes, as well as Charlie Ninja, Ela Darling and Drew Deveaux. Set inside the dressing room of a high-end, erotic shop, Boutique appeals to the fantasy occuring between two women behind the changing curtain.

“We cater to fantasy,” writer and director Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., said. “Juicy Pink Box productions takes a small moment in life, like riding in a taxi, sitting on a therapy couch, or changing in a dressing room, and explore the ‘what ifs.’ What if the beautiful sales clerk helped you achieve an orgasm in addition to trying on lingerie. We want to give viewers an escape, and we’re grateful Girlfriends Films shares our vision and is providing our movies with a viable marketing and distribution platform.”

To view the box art, photo stills and trailer from the movie, .

Pull back the curtain and witness what happens in the dark dressing room of Boutique. In TEMPTRESS, Shyla Jennings seduces the lingerie shop’s employee, Jett Bleu. In SHOPPING, Shyla tries on a sweet negligee for her girlfriend Charlie Ninja, prompting the pair to get a little naughty. The dominating Ela Darling tries out the store’s new ball-gag, before she pounds Jett senseless in GIRLFRIEND. Drew Deveaux makes the most of her job by sexing up Jett in WORKING. Boutique is four stunning and erotic encounters of hot lesbian sex.

In addition to the four sexy and kinky scenes, the DVD includes several scenes from Juicy Pink Box’s erotic Confessions series. Also included on the DVD is lost footage from Taxi.

Taxi, Juicy Pink Box’s first release under its distribution deal with Girlfriends Films, was recently named Hottest Lesbian Series by the Feminist Porn Awards. Honored to be recognized as a great achievement in female adult filmmaking, Juicy Pink Box strives to make all its releases equally empowering for women.