Joanna Angel Enters 'Slumber Party Slaughterhouse'

LOS ANGELES - Joanna Angel directs and stars in a scene for Slumber Party Slaughterhouse, an interactive horror video from indie label Halo-8 Releasing.

The movie tells the story of Paul Tard, a geek killed on the eve of his high school graduation as a result of his friends' greed. The dead Tard sells his soul to a demon in exchange for the power to take revenge on his former friends as they party with hookers and drugs at a graduation bash.

Whenever Paul wants to kill one of his friends, the demon asks a horror movie trivia question and the video dissolves to a multiple-choice menu. If the audience chooses the correct answer, Paul gets the power to kill his ex-friend (and the friend's hooker, to tie up loose ends); the wrong answer will send Paul to hell unavenged.

Matt Piccolo directed the feature, which stars B-horror actresses Tiffany Shepis and Masuimi Max. Each kill scene in the movie was written and directed by a different Halo-8 filmmaker, including Joanna and her Re-Penetrator collaborator Doug Sakmann, Ramzi Abed, Peter Hoare, and Kurly Tlapoyawa.

Slumber Party Slaughterhouse will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 23 at the Engine Theatre, located at 1635 Wilcox Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028. Additional screenings will take place in New York and Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Joanna will be featuring this weekend at Columbus Gold, located at 5411 Bethel Sawmill Center, Columbus, Ohio 43235. Showtimes begin at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. nightly.