Jessica Drake Helms New Educational Line from Wicked Pictures

LOS ANGELES—Wicked Pictures has introduced a new line of adult educational products with the launch of Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex, “an enlightening, inspiring and informative new series of erotic educational films” created and hosted by the Wicked Girl.

The first release in the line, Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex: Fellatio, arrives in retail locations nationwide today.

A public speaker, Playboy Radio personality, Wicked Pictures contract performer/writer/director, and multiple award-winner with over 10 years experience in the worlds of sex and sensuality, Drake is quick to point out that the new series is a "passion project" for her.

"From hosting my radio show In Bed with Jessica Drake on Playboy Radio, giving sex seminars around the world and writing sexual self-help columns, I am constantly receiving questions about sex, relationships, and intimacy,” Drake said. “So I wanted to create a series based not only on my own experience as a sex performer, but also on my personal belief that sex is not just a series of steps leading to the desired result, but instead a whole-body experience. It's about confidence, communication, and your willingness to be open and experience new things."

She also sees the instructional guide as a response to prevailing trends and a paradigm shift in her viewers.

"During my time in the adult industry and especially with Wicked Pictures, I'm honored to be the source of so much sexual ‘inspiration,’” she said. “In the past few years, I've noticed a definite shift in the demographic. I've seen the lines at our adult store signings and convention appearances evolve. Where you'd once see mostly men, there are now more couples and even single women."

As the line's creator and host, Drake sees the series as inverting the archetype that consumers typically associate with sexual self-help films.

"From the very beginning, I wanted to create a product using a variety of people in beautiful locations,” Drake said. “I am on camera narrating each volume, but the emphasis is on the candid interviews from the participants and their demonstrations. It is warm, intimate, and sensual, and although they are explicit in nature, each volume shouldn't be thought of as an adult movie. Rather, they are a key that opens the door to exploring new sexual territory with your partner."

Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex: Fellatio provides a candid look at what men and women think about oral sex, covering everything from basic positions and techniques. Her approach already is being lauded by such sites as , with John Doe observing that "this is a DVD for couples, not just for women. Jessica gives just enough of an anatomy lesson to make sure that ladies know what they're dealing with, but doesn't take so much time that you forget that the main point of a blowjob is to give and receive pleasure and have fun doing it."

Jane Doe thanks the creator/host for directing a video "that truly describes how fellatio can complement communication and passion in a trusting relationship," adding, "Jessica Drake maintains her role as a leader in the sex education industry with her first informative video on fellatio. By addressing a blowjob from beginning to intermediate as well as a hand job, Ms. Drake keeps it wickedly authentic in a fun and factual approach."

Drake plans to take her lively approach even further in future volumes.

"So far, I have done Fellatio and Positions,” she said. “The next in the series will be Anal Sex, where I will be covering some of the things couples are most curious about. I will also guide a woman through her first anal experience and interview her during the process."