Jesse Jane Featured on 'Dr. 90210'

Digital Playground contract superstar Jesse Jane was featured in last night's broadcast of the E! Channel series 'Dr. 90210'. Entitled “Hollywood Mended,” the episode follows Jesse through the process of her third breast augmentation surgery.

“It was really fun – and funny – being on the show,” Jesse told AVN. “[Before this surgery] I had my boobs done two times in a row. The first time they made them uneven, and the second time the doctor made so many mistakes. Dr. 90210 had to fix so many things that a one-hour procedure actually took four hours. But he did everything perfect, and it looks great. The third time was the charm, and I'm so happy and grateful that they did that for me.”

Fan reaction to Jesse’s appearance on the show has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Already, my website and My Space page are full of comments saying, ‘you look awesome,’” she said. “On the show, I was flirting with the doctor, just being myself; people liked that I showed personality, and they love the new rack.”

Show producers taped Jesse’s segment in three parts to show the full before-and-after effect of the surgery.

“We did some little clips at the AVN Expo in January - they wanted to see what the industry I was in was like,” Jesse explained. “They filmed the rest in February right before my surgery, then they did some more filming in March.”

The first video to show off Jesse’s newly refurbished bazooms is director Robby D’s Naked Aces 2. “Everybody I’ve worked with previously said they look so good now,” she said. “Robby loves it; he said, ‘What a difference…oh my God, they’re insane!’”

Although her Playboy TV shows “Night Calls” and “Naughty Amateur Home Videos” are currently on hiatus, Jesse isn’t slowing down. She recently taped a VH1 reality show called ‘Old School’ that’s set to air in September, and she is scheduled to appear in Dave Navarro’s Spread Entertainment webcast.

Jesse will also be seen in Digital Playground’s big contract girl feature The Babysitter. “They just finished shooting it last week, and now they’re in the editing room,” she said. “It was one of the first dialogue movies we shot in a while; Teagan, Shay [Jordan] and I all get to play the role of the babysitter in different scenarios. I did a scene with Tommy Gunn and Nikki Benz that’s really hot.”

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