Jesse Jane Appears in New Rock Music Video

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane stars in the brand-new music video for “Attraction” from the band HourCast. View the video on .

HourCast’s lead singer, Patrick McBride, raves about Jesse. "Working with Jesse Jane on our new video for our single ‘Attraction’ was truly the epitome of ‘suffering for your art.’ Here's this gorgeous and sweet girl coming to the set, so friendly and warm. She shows up for the first scene in costume and transformed herself into a maniacal, gun-wielding madwoman. That same woman that gave me a friendly greeting hug in the trailer ... shackled, slapped and shot bullets at me for hours on end. I loved every minute of it."

Jesse Jane shares his sentiments. “I had such an amazing time on set filming the video with Patrick—he was such an awesome guy. The set was so fun! I got to shoot guns, and torture Patrick for two days straight. Everyone was great to work with and I was so happy they chose me to experience this. It was fuckin’ bad ass!"

Jane's latest movie from Digital Playground is Top Guns, available now at .

Jane’s porn bona fides go without question. She is now, according to CNBC, the “face of modern porn.” CNBC also named her one of the 12 Most Popular Porn Stars on the planet. On the Fame Registry, which tracks the top rated porn stars, Jane currently is listed as the most popular contract star.

Digital Playground launched Jane into superstardom with global exposure on hundreds of magazine covers, including FHM, Maxim, Front, Strip Las Vegas and Arena. And her leading role in Digital Playground’s benchmark films Pirates and Pirates II made her a household name.

In 2010, she played herself in the movie Middle Men and has also appeared in HBO’s Entourage. Jane also starred in a multitude of music videos from Drowning Pool, Robbie Williams, Kid Rock and, now, HourCast.