<I>Shane's World</I> Fan Pick Texxx Makes The Move To Full Time Pro

- He's not the first performer to get nominated for an AVN Award for his first scene. He's not the first fan of porn to enter the business. But Texxx is most likely the first fan to get nominated for an AVN Award and then enter the adult industry.

Texxx's journey into porn started when he watched Seymore Butt's Deep Inside Shane "I loved the whole gonzo thing. It looked like something I would do. Lubbock didn't have a place with newer titles, so we watched a lot of older porn."

Texxx enjoyed the work of Seymore Butts, and after Shane went on her own, started watching Shane's World.

Texxx joined a few years ago, the Web home of Shane's World Studios. "I would go to the live events and stuff. Then they put an open call out on the website, because every now and then they did a fan pick of the month. I don't know if they had sex, I think it was more of just hanging out on the set and partying with the whole Shane's World crew," said Texx.

So Texxx submitted a photo and his biography?..then waited until he was called at his day job as a bartender and informed he had been chosen to go on a date with Calli Cox. Cox flew out to Texas with Cameraguy, director of the Shane's World series. Texxx took her on date - then got lucky in a scene that left Cox squirting and earned the two an AVN nomination for Best Couples Sex Scene - Video. "It was funny because I had joked about it winning an AVN Award," Texxx said.

Texxx volunteered himself for future Shane's World Studios projects, but wasn't really expecting anything to come out of it. Then three months later he received a call from Cameraguy inviting him to Indiana for the taping of Shane's World #32. "I said 'Hell Yeah!' That had always been one of my dreams, to go on a Shane's World trip. That's their MO, taking people on trips," Texxx said.

The resulting tape gained national infamy, when news leaked that college students at Indiana University had participated in the video - including two girls who just had to see what Texxx's porn star sized manhood looked like. "They didn't really do anything, but it was cool the way they were interested."

"Shane's World has been really cool to me. They've helped me out so much. Calli Cox has introduced me to so many people and given me so much advice. I owe them a lot," said Texxx.

In March Texxx was called up by Shane's World again to take a trip to Cancun with them for the making of Shane's World #33 and Shane's World #34. "I was in an orgy scene with Ashley Long. She's sexy as hell, " he said of the experience.

Besides his Shane's World experiences, Texxx also has some theater on his resume. In college he had a lead role in "The Philadelphia Story" and also had a role in the musical "Hello, Dolly!"

"I can definitely handle lines, blocking, cues and all of that," said Texxx.

With four titles under his belt, including some exterior location shots, Texxx decided to make the big leap and moved to porn valley three weeks ago to become a full time porn star. "The first thing I did when I got here was go to AIM. I'm so surprised at how responsible the industry is regarding health. I think it's actually safer to have sex on camera than it is to just go out there and pick some girl up," he said.

Producers and directors interested in hiring Texxx may email him at [email protected].