Hip-Hop Star Yukmouth to Host Hardcore for Onyxxx

Hip-hop star Yukmouth, a Rap-A-Lot recording artist, is starring in his first XXX venture, Yukmouth’s Big Booty Stallions, for Onyxxx Films.

Director is Ron Hightower, a former adult performer and director who crossed over to a successful career in music videos.

Onyxxx, the black and interracial imprint of United Video, distributed Mr. Johnson's AVN award-winning Pimpfomation XXX, named Best Ethnic Release – Black of 2004.

Yukmouth told AVN.com he’d been planning for some time to do an adult project. “This opportunity came before I could start my own production. I’m looking forward to doing a whole series — Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3,” he said, even though his deal with Onyxxx is for just one movie. “We tryin’ it out to see how it works. If it’s big, we gonna keep it going.”

Yukmouth, who started out as half of the Oakland-based duo The Luniz before going solo, said he had a lot to bring to the table in terms of “incorporating hip-hop with the porno scene.”

“I’m just the host, you ain’t gonna see me in there fuckin’,” he laughed. “I chill with the porno stars ‘n shit and talk about what they do.”

Among his “stallions” are Beauty, Chloe Black, Lola Lane, Ayana Angel, and a new girl, Kandy Kremes. “Girls with big ol’ asses,” he said, “not fat girls. Some [movies] are like ‘Big Booty,’ and then there’ll be a big ol’ fat bitch with a big stomach stickin’ out. Naw. This is big ol’ asses — small waists.”

Though Yukmouth is a fan — “I got a lot of porno myself” — he says he usually leaves the set when the hardcore starts. “I be on the set while they doin’ the interviews, the photo shoots and all that, but I usually bounce cuz I got studio time and other shit to handle. If I had nothin’ to do I’d stay there, y’know.”

He is working on a new Rap-A-Lot album, Million Dollar Mouthpiece, to be released this summer, and an album with his crew, The Regime, scheduled to drop this spring, as well as producing several younger rappers. “I got a lot of stuff on the plate,” he said.

The rapper has produced his own videos, two non-explicit DVDs called United Ghettos of America, Vols. 1 & 2 —the same title as two of his Rap-A-Lot CDs. Released on his own label, Smoke-A-Lot, which is distributed by Rap-A-Lot, they’ve sold almost 10,000 copies each, largely by word of mouth, he said. They feature interviews, music videos, behind the scenes at shows, along with what he dubbed “soft-porn eye-candy” footage of black adult stars. There’s even more of that in the upcoming Vol. 3, United Ghettos of America: Eye Candy.

Footage from his UGA series will be used as wraparound in Big Booty Stallions. The soundtrack will feature three of his own tracks, including “Stallions,” featuring Money B and The Regime, and “Wet Dreams.”

Yukmouth says his approach to hardcore differs from that of rappers like Lloyd Banks or Snoop Dogg, “Their shit is concentrated on them. My shit is concentrated on the porno stars, like it should be. It’s like Snoop’ll do a real performance, rappin’ and shit. My shit is focusing on the sex, instead of makin’ it so much of hip-hop. That’s what you buy the fuckin’ tape for, you buy it for the sex. You don’t buy it see a muthafuckin’ hip-hop video. If you want that, you go to BET, right?”

He compared his project to Luther Campbell’s Uncle Luke’s Peep Show. “He introduced all these freaky ho’s doin’ their thing. That’s the type of shit I want to do. Take it back to bein’ freaky, baby!”