Girlfriends Films to Be Featured on Miami's CBS 4 News

RESEDA, Calif.—Girlfriends Films will be prominently featured on Miami's Nightly News at 11 pm EST tonight, May 9. The CBS expose looks at the adult industry's increased presence in South Florida.

Lesbian studio recently traveled to Florida to shoot volumes of its hit series Lesbian Triangles. Footage from the trip will be used in CBS' segment, as well as an exclusive interview with contract performer Prinzzess. While Girlfriends Films is not planning to leave its offices in Reseda, California, the studio hopes to inform viewers how adult production in other areas is discreet, while bringing money into the local economy.

Florida resident explains the increase in South Florida production: "Florida is a perfect place for bikinis and hard, sexy bodies to play. The heat invites sex. Whether it is mainstream or adult companies, movie studios are usually located in sunny places. There are a lot of adult performers who live here in South Florida and travel back and forth to Los Angeles for work. Outside of Southern California, Florida is the only place in the country that has enough adult performers to support adult movie-making."

Addressing any possible concerns over a studio's presence in South Florida, Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose stated, "Unless you're at an adult-themed event, it's very unlikely you would be able to recognize who is in the adult industry and who isn't. Responsible companies always shoot very discreetly. Even if it's happening next door, you probably will never know about it. Nobody is forced to watch adult movies. It is a legal business by consenting adults for consenting adults only. Very few people who purchase the movies even talk about it unless they are with friends who share the same interest. There's no reason to discriminate against any industry or any person that isn't causing harm."

"From a business standpoint, porn customers are all over the world," he continued. "Much of the money they pay for their movies comes right here to pay local models and other employees of adult businesses. They, in turn, spend nearly all of it within 20 miles of where they live. So, adult movie making is the perfect business model for funneling money from around the world to a local economy. Also, compared to many local businesses, the adult industry makes very little impact on our environment and eco system."

Lesbian Triangles, the series shot by Girlfriends Films during the South Florida trip, is one of the studio's most popular and longest running. Episode 21 starring Prinzzess and her fellow contract star India Summer was released recently. reviewer Lil McGill adores the series. In her most recent review, she wrote, "With just the right amount of taboo to still be sexy, and just enough lesbian loving to be deliciously seductive, Lesbian Triangles is a feisty fest of great story, intrigue, and addictive girlie action … I've really come to enjoy Lesbian Triangles … the sexual encounters were genuine, fun and very engaging."