Girlfriends Films Starts New Niche with 'Mommy's Boi'

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Girlfriends Films has created a new niche for the adult market combining forced masculinization and kink.

Mommy's Boi is an exploration of the little known, fringe lesbian fetish called "forced masculinization," and stars Cindy, Dana DeArmond, Magdalene, Samantha Ryan and Claire Adams.

Older femmes Cindy and Magdalene cruelly humiliate unsuspecting young femmes by turning them into their "boi's" or forcing them into a boyish appearance followed by sexual encounters.

In Mommy's Boi, punishment and masculinization are dished out to femmes Claire Adams, Dana DeArmond and Samantha Ryan with two of the three accepting their new roles in varying degrees. Boy's underwear, jock straps, and men's clothes mixed with strap-ons and dildos bring an exciting and kinky element to these sexual encounters.

"This new niche was originally hatched from the Girlfriends Films fan forum of hardcore lesbians, but it has piqued the interest of people outside the lesbian world as well," said Girlfriends Films Director of Sales Moose. "This interest coupled with innovation was the reason we decided to give it a running time of over four hours and thus a two-disc set.

"While some fans of more romantic fare will find this shocking and a little disturbing, others will love the rough and rawness of forced sex and masculinization."

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