Girlfriends Films Makes RayVeness First-Ever Contract Girl

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — All-girl studio Girlfriends Films has signed veteran performer RayVeness as its very first contract star.

RayVeness has appeared regularly in Girlfriends titles for about a year and a half, and under the contract, she will perform girl/girl scenes exclusively for the studio ... though in a unique twist, she will be allowed to continue shooting boy/girl scenes for other companies.

"Girlfriends Films knows that it must continually improve its movies, and the addition of RayVeness as the company's first contract girl is all part of the company's efforts to keep things fresh and make ever better movies," president Dan O'Connell told AVN.

O'Connell said it was RayVeness' acting chops, in particular, that made her a top candidate for a contract.

"RayVeness is ideally suited to Girlfriends Films' style of plot and seduction, which often requires considerable acting skills," he explained. "RayVeness can take on a variety of characters and hits grand slams every time, especially when it comes to soft and plausible seductions of young Sapphic virgins. She's just a terrific actress and we feel very fortunate to have her committed to doing a number of movies with us."

Ironically, RayVeness said acting never held particular appeal for her as an aspect of performing until she began working for Girlfriends.

"I've never taken any formal acting classes, because I've been told that I'm a natural," she said. "But to be honest, it's never really been an interest for me to act. But with Dan's characters that he creates, I'm enjoying the acting for the first time. Because he doesn't tell me how to do it. A director should hire somebody that can carry out the part, and that is what Girlfriends Films does. They allow me to portray that character instead of telling me what to do and how to act. And that's what makes it exciting."

O'Connell spoke highly of RayVeness' professionalism, as well. "During the year and a half she's been shooting with Girlfriends Films, she has been one of the most focused actresses we've ever come across," he said. "She is always totally about quality and doing the absolute best job for the studio and the movie."

RayVeness credited this attribute as one of the main things that's enabled her to keep her career alive for an incredible 19 years. "I was always reliable and responsible, and people knew that," she said. "I think that's what carried me through, is being responsible and professional."

As to the facet of her contract allowing her to continue her boy/girl work elsewhere, she said she plans to exploit it to the fullest. "Well, I love to fuck," she proclaimed. "I have sex every chance I get, so sometimes it's not just for the paycheck. They don't care if I do boy/girl, as long as there's not another girl involved. Which is fine. I love both. If you could have your cake and eat it too, why would you choose between one or the other?"

RayVeness said the most satisfying thing for her about working with Girlfriends is the fact that "the company really caters to their actresses; they respect us. And that's something you don't get from a lot of companies. [O'Connell] deals with women's issues, and that's important to me."

She has dreamed of becoming a contract girl, she said, since 1994, "when I came to California and saw what a real production was all about, and I met Ashlyn Gere. That was it, I wanted to be a contract girl after that. I wanted the class that came along with it."

Why now? "It was the right timing and the right situation. Ten years ago, I didn't have the life experience or the life lessons that I've learned, so it might not have been a good idea for me to have a contract back then. You have to have knowledge and education to do something right, and I feel like I finally have that."