Former Playboy TV Reality Star Danny Lenko Tells All in New Book

LOS ANGELES—Danny Lenko, who started a stint in reality TV back in 2008 when he appeared as "Danny Vegas" on Playboy TV's show The Boy Nexxt Door, has just released a book about his lfe in and out of porn. The collection of stories is titled From My Parents' Basement to the Playboy Mansion.

"My life has been astronomically far from normal or average, and I thought people might get a kick out of reading about what I have actually lived," Lenko said. "Over time I would be in a group or crowd telling one of my numerous and usually inappropriate stories, and people always told me I should write a book about all of it, so I did!"

In the book Lenko descries how he decided in his late teens to take "the less chosen path, and all parents' most feared path, of working in the adult film industry." The former reality star recalled his father asking him, "You're not in these things humping and pumping, are you?" To that Lenko responded, "If I have to, I will. I'll do what it takes!"

In actuality, Lenko's parents were supportive of his non-traditional career goals. In the book Lenko recounts how a reality TV show developed around this unlikely situation, with Danny living in his parents' basement, working a day job of delivering pizzas, all the while aspiring to become a successful pornographer. His parents let the production team into their home and even became part of the cast.

The show garnered enough success to run two seasons and made a name for Lenko, but he promises the book will be even better. "The TV show was great, but this book is tremendously more vivid and explicit, and goes way beyond what happened in front of the cameras," Lenko noteed in press release. The book deals head on with Lenko's party lifestyle during the run of the show, as well as what happened after it was cancelled.

"If you were to give this book a rating like you do a movie, it would definitely be triple X!" Lenko said. Among "tales of debauchery" is a sexual encounter with a certain porn star underneath the Hollywood sign at 3 a.m., shooting a "femdom" scene that stretched the limits, and a wild group experience "that was thwarted by a substance known for negatively affecting blood flow down south."

From My Parents' Basement to the Playboy Mansion is available on a variety of different sites. Softcover copies are available through or by emailing [email protected] Digital copies are available from, and iBooks, and are available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad and other formats.