Extreme Comixxx Launches SuperHeroine3d.com

PORNTROPOLIS, Calif.—Lurking from around the shadow-ridden corners of the lewd, crude underbelly of adult entertainment, mastermind mega-director Sinister X returns with his latest super-cinematic porno parody masterpiece, Super Heroine 3D. Combining technology with sexy cinematography, Super Heroine 3D takes Hollywood's latest 3D technology and makes it accessible to the masses, so that any user can watch at home on any TV, computer or mobile device with the use of the included 3D glasses.

"The 3D world is starting to grow and evolve, and I want to be on the forefront of where it's going," said Sinister X, with his trademark clenched teeth smile. "The fact is, it looks really, really cool, and we're going to figure out ways to make what's already cool even cooler."

Extreme Comixxx has produced some of the best-selling superhero parody movies on the market, including Iron Man: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, Supergirl: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, Captain America: An Extreme Comixxx Parody and The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, which took home the 2011 Night Moves award for Best Feature Production.

"We've been on a roll, and it's a testament to how hard our crew has been working to make the best possible superhero porno parodies we can," said Extreme Comixxx's owner Jerry E. "In launching Super Heroine 3D, we have the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, bringing the fans, the biggest, the baddest and the best our industry has to offer. If you look at my office you'll see toys, gadgets, collector pieces and all of that, and 3D is just like that. A new toy, but beyond being a new toy, it's a sick new toy that I don't want to stop playing with. The girls in this movie look hot, the scenarios look sick, and people are really going to like our first venture into this new 3D world."

The website itself, SuperHeroine3d.com, features photo galleries and assorted 3D pictures, along with behind the scenes video clips, straight off the super set of the sensational super-dimensional super-smash. More video clips will be added regularly, building to the upcoming DVD release in late November, along with the anticipated trailer, which will be available online in 3D. Currently, the site features and highlights the four starring Super Heroines: Lexi Belle as Supergirl, Lizzy Borden as Catwoman, Alexis Texas as Emma Frost, and 2011 NightMoves Best Female performer, Chanel Preston as Zatanna.

(Pictured: Lexi Belle as Supergirl in 3D—red/blue glasses needed for proper viewing)