Extreme Associates Signs "Buffy"

Kristi Myst, aka "Buffy" has signed an exclusive contract with Extreme Associates. Myst, who was formerly under contract to CDi to do the "Buffy" series, left the business to have a baby, but returned to the porn wars a couple of weeks ago. Myst was hooked up with Extreme through agent Jim South. Rob Black has this to say about the signing:

Black: "We met her Sunday night. Lane Parker was doing a boxcover shoot with her. Over the last couple of days we've been meeting and working out the deal. She'll do a movie every other month [directed by either Black or Parker] - a big feature. She'll appear in four scenes, one of which will be a blowjob or a girl/girl. Then she'll do about 10 miscellaneous scenes for other producers and directors in our stable. She'll be doing Lizzy Borden's House of Whores Part 2. She'll be starring in Whack Attack 6. She's doing a big feature for us this week. It's called Fry Sticks. It's about this group of college girls who discover a really good high is smoking formaldehyde. It revolves around a fucking morgue and stuff. This one's not part of her contract, so this year she'll be doing that feature plus another six. But she looks phenomenal, man.

"She worked with Cinderella all those years. She can't be that much of a pain-in-the-ass. She's got to be kind of easy-going. It was funny. Tommy was talking to her, and she pointed to the box of the new Lord of Asses 2. Tommy was like, 'Can you gape?' She said, 'No, but I'm willing to try and learn.'

"She's with Jim [South]. She was talking with Jim, and Jim said I want you to meet Rob Black and them at Extreme. I think it would be really cool. I was out of town when she was here. Tommy and Lane went and met her. They were really high on her. They said she was great. Tommy goes, 'Dude, we gotta sign this girl.' I'm going, 'Krysti Myst? Who is that? Buffy? She's kind of cute.' Tommy's going, 'Dude, she really looks good now. She looks better than she did.' When I came back into town, I met her. I liked her. I said you want a job. She said yeah. I said you got it."