Elegant Angel Starts Podcast Series

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Elegant Angel today has launched its own podcast series to entertain fans and inform them about its upcoming movie releases. The Elegant Angel Podcast is hosted by Roy and Potter and features guest hosts Mason, Sam No, William H. and others.

The podcast can be accessed by .

Elegant Angel Podcast 001 includes extended appearances from industry leading lights Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose and Asa Akira, as well as a brief hello from hip-pop artist Kid Frost.

The Elegant Angel Podcast can be accessed and enjoyed at the listeners convenience. To increase accessibility, there are three ways a user may listen to the series when visiting .

Fans can click the Listen Now button to access the latest podcast immediately, or they can download it and listen at their convenience. Also, if you sign up for the site’s RSS feed, the subscriber will be notified when a new podcast is posted to the site. To subscribe to the RSS feed, click here.

For more information email [email protected].