Dreamzotic Gets a Facelift

After 10 years, adult Video-on-Demand provider has gotten a facelift. While video quality, reliability, and variety of content always have been strong points for Dreamzotic, the facelift has improved the overall user experience and customer satisfaction levels.

“Our affiliates love the money they make with us,” says Ashok Surapaneni, vice president of operations for Dreamzotic. “We have one of the most profitable tools available to a webmaster. We decided to increase those paychecks by improving the user's experience.

“Overall conversions already have improved across a wide range of our affiliates. As a result of improved loyalty and conversions, affiliate payouts will undoubtedly be on the rise as well. Creating wealthy webmasters by pleasing the consumer is clearly our focus here.”

As part of the redesign effort, select featured titles have additional video previews for each scene within the movie. There is also a censored version of Dreamzotic, which requires age verification prior to viewing hardcore material, for use on exit consoles and free sites.