Dick Hunter Launches RateARod Mobile

Dick Hunter launched a mobile version of his popular penis-rating site, , on June 8. The free site allows men to upload images of their male equipment and have them rated by site visitors.

"I'm excited about RateARod Mobile," says Hunter. "Mobile surfers can rate pics as well as check their stats. If they've got an on-board camera, they can even snap a pic and post it to be rated,right from their mobile phone!”

RateARod Mobile can be accessed through its main URL or via the shortcut . The mobile version provides access to the existing database of more than 15,000 penis images.

Since 2001, RateARod.com has tried to find the answer to that age-old question: Does size matter?

"If you visit our Hall of Fame, or Hall of Shame, you'll see that generally the answer to that question is a resounding 'yes,'" Hunter remarks. "However, when I read the comments posted for individual pics, there's always fans and non-fans of every shape and size."

Dick Hunter also directs gay videos, which are available at . His company, Abstract Random Productions, operates , , and the TGP site . He is currently working on developing and launching .