Clips4Sale Releases and

has completed and .

The two sites are fully integrated into the Network, which is designed to offer webmasters, producers, and amateurs high-traffic avenues to increase revenue.

Content owners and amateurs can sell individual video clips by the download, along with full-length films and images.

“In 2001, many people started sending me [material] to sell on my site, which only targeted the foot fetish niche. The material came in unedited and the people had no idea how to make it Web-ready,” says Neil M, owner of Clips4Sale. “At that time I realized the need for Clips4Sale: a place for producers to sell content directly to the buyer. I had Clips4Sale built knowing that lots of people who shot their own content were in a similar situation…They simply couldn’t get started on the Web and didn’t really even understand it.

“Clips4Sale turned out to be a huge success, as today there are over 2,000 stores that range in niche,” he continues. “It started as foot fetish, then tickling, female domination, hand jobs, BBW, gay niches….Now there are 100 different categories up and growing.”