Changes in Store for Darker Pleasures

After eight years as a strong presence in Internet breast-oriented BDSM circles, , the self-proclaimed expert in "erotic breast bondage" and "tit torture," has restructured its business.

After all the company’s writers, photographers, and models were notified of the decision to change the focus of the site to an archive format, pricing immediately was restructured. The archived site now allows subscribers to access all the content published since 1999.

Matt Nicholson, publisher of Darker Pleasures, said the decision to change the site’s format came from "personal reasons and a desire to spend more time writing stories and articles." Nicholson also said the monthly e-zine publication went on hiatus effective Jan. 1.

Darker Pleasures began as a small, two-person website featuring the lovely brunette Christine Dannemont. The site’s next model was the immensely popular . It since has featured more than 40 other models, including SIGNY Award winners , Alex Chareese, and Tobi, as well SIGNY nominees Petal Benson, Rhiannon, Darling, and others.

Darker Pleasures previously has placed in the top 10 for Fiction E-zine in the , while Nicholson twice has placed in the top 10 for E-Zine Editor. Two of Darker Pleasures’ regular writers, novelists Jude Mason and D. Musgrave, are winners of the poll.

While Darker Pleasures is widely known for its exclusive focus on breast bondage and BDSM, Nicholson is best known for his critically acclaimed article "The Breast Punishment Primer," which has been re-published or linked to from BDSM sites worldwide. He also has written "Toys for Tits," a historical look at breast-oriented BDSM; "Darker Pleasures Desserts," playful "recipes" for breast lovers; The Dummies Guide to Tit Torture Photography; and others—all of which are available in the Darker Pleasures , or as illustrated versions inside Darker Pleasures.

The Darker Pleasures archives currently hold an estimated 20,000 original images, hundreds of exclusive stories, as well as art, video links, and educational articles.