Calli Cox Retires From Performing

Calli Cox, who performed in approximately 250 adult videos in two and a half years, announced her retirement as a performer to her Yahoo! based fan group yesterday writing, “My time has come to be done.”

However, her career in adult is not yet done. Cox will remain on board as Shane’s World Studios’ publicist. Cox has been working as both a performer and publicist for the company for nearly a year, and cites the need to spend more time in her publicist role for the reality-porn company as a factor in her decision to retire from on-camera work.

“It was just a combination of my responsibilities at Shane’s World and some responsibilities outside the business that led to my decision,” Cox told

The outside responsibilities that Cox referred to includes her recent appointment as director of marketing and publicity for Redwood Records, a newly formed rock/punk label.

Asked to point out one particularly memorable moment in her on-screen career, Cox replied, "I can’t pick one moment. There’s no way I could. I had so much fun, a great two and a half years – but its time to move on.”

Cox said it’s “highly unlikely” that she will ever perform in adult video again.