Cal/OSHA Fines Streamray Studios for 7 Violations

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Cal/OSHA has fined Streamray Studios Inc. a total of $28,460 for violating seven workplace safety regulations, including its failure to use condoms in adult video production.

Chatsworth-based Streamray, an in-house content producer for Penthouse, after Cal/OSHA stepped up inspections in the wake of last summer's syphilis outbreak. The inspections at the studio took place last October—before Measure B passed on the November ballot.

News of the fines were revealed in a press release by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Cal/OSHA stated that Streamray "failed to establish, implement and/or maintain an [injury and illness prevention program] which maintained the requirements of the standard for employees exposed to sexually transmitted disease in producing adult videos."

The violations also state that Streamray failed to provide personal protective equipment and didn't "make available post-exposure evaluation and followup for bloodborne pathogens exposure."

Streamray was fined $4,725 for failing to use condoms.

Four of the seven violations were related to equipment and mechanical violations, resulting in $14,285 in fines.

The penalties, which were decided Jan. 10, can be appealed.