Burning Angel Books <i>XXXorcist</i>, <i>Re-Penetrator</i> Screenings

NEW YORK – During the days surrounding Halloween, BurningAngel will make the rounds with a trio of screenings of its horror porno features, The XXXorcist and The Re-Penetrator. Select screenings will also include a sneak peek at Evil Head, the company's forthcoming parody of Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead.

On Sunday, the tour will start in New York City with a screening during the (231 E. 14th St.) Zombie Beauty Pageant. Director Doug Sakmann, who helmed all three porno parodies, will be doing the zombie make-up for the event.

The (980 Oak St.) in Eugene, Oregon, will screen both movies on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Halloween, (2072 Somerville Rd.) in Annapolis, MD, will present screenings of The XXXorcist and The Re-Penetrator along with live performances from Suicide City (featuring members of Biohazard and Kittie) and Dingleberry Dynasty. The event will also feature live suspensions and a human tug-o-war with Disgraceland Family Freakshow and Sakmann, as well an episode of "Strip For Pain: America's Most Dangerous Game Show."

The XXXcorcist, a pornographic spoof of William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist, stars Tommy Pistol, BurningAngel owner Joanna Angel, Kylee Kross and Spyder Jones. The Re-Penetrator is a spoof of Stuart Gordon's '80s horror hit Re-Animator.

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