Bungee Sexperience Wins International Inventors Award

When you're lying in bed at 3:30 in the morning, staring at the ceiling and trying to amuse yourself by pondering subjects such as "what's the best invention of the Americas," what answer comes to mind? Crystal Geyser bottled water? The Lambada? MTV?

If it's anything other than The Bungee Sexperience, you obviously weren't on the international jury at Pittsburgh's annual INPEX XV (the world's largest invention and new product expo). They decided the Best Invention of the Americas deserved an award, and that it should go to the Bungee, a weightless sex harness system which allows the rider to experience a variety of sexual positions while bouncing on a bungee cord.

"We are always a big attraction at adult industry shows, but I was really amazed that the Bungee was so eagerly accepted at this event," commented Cords Unlimited Inc. president, Steve Bisyak. "To win the top award for North, South and Central America is quite an honor. It's rewarding to find that people who have limited or no contact with 'adult' material can be open-minded enough to see the benefits of 'weightless sex.'"