Bridgett Kerkove Sets a Record for Chopsticks?

Some people play Choptsticks on the piano, Bridgett Kerkove takes 'em up her ass. You might be interested to know, that, while the St. Louis Rams were squeaking by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Kerkove was getting fisted anally, vaginally and broke some kind of record supposedly set in France for the number of chopsticks shoved up one's ass.

Kerkove: "I broke a record for the most chopsticks in my ass. I didn't know there was one until they told me. I guess in France there was a world's record of 74, and I did 103."

G. Ross: "But you know something? The American chopsticks are smaller in dimension than the French ones."

Kerkove: "No!"

G. Ross: "Just kidding."

Kerkove: "I did the scene with Skeeter. I wanted to feel comfortable. First he started off with 70 and put them in a condom and put them in my ass. Then he kept adding to them until he couldn't add anymore. After the scene, Mike Kovacs told me I broke the record of 74. This is totally fun. Some people eat with them, I take them up my ass."

G. Ross: "I hear there's another record in Scandinavia involving tooth brush handles. Feel lucky?"

Kerkove: "That's okay. But this was a special thing. On the fisting, Skeeter did my vagina, and I did my ass with my own hand. It was totally crazy and fun.