Belladonna Wraps <i>Discovering Alexis Texas</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Belladonna has completed production on Discovering Alexis Texas, her latest movie for Belladonna Entertainment and Evil Angel.

Blessed with a rump that has earned rave reviews from John "Buttman" Stagliano himself, Ms. Texas is currently in the running for AVN's Best New Starlet award. The new movie showcases the titular starlet in her first one-on-one lesbian scene with Belladonna.

"What inspired me," Bella told AVN, "was, of course, her body, and just her attitude and the way that she is on set, the way that she is during her scenes. I shot her once before, and I just was really blown away by her. I think that she has a woman's body, and it's fucking beautiful, and it's very rare that you see a woman's body like that these days. I just really like her."

Bella went on to explain that "when I watch people perform, I pay attention to things like where their hands are, and what their feet are doing and what their eyes are doing, or when the camera's not on them, what they're doing. And while I was watching her, I noticed a lot of things that I would see in myself, and so those things really made me like her.

Although Discovering Alexis Texas runs the gamut from multiple blowjobs to girl/girl and straight fucking, one act missing from the starlet's repertoire is anal sex.

"I just really think she's a great performer, and even though she doesn't do anal, it doesn't matter to me," said Bella. "Don't get me wrong, I like anal sex, but I don't think that that's all people should want [to see]."

Belladonna commissioned original music for the project via MySpace. "Lately, I've been really wanting to do scenarios that we haven't done before, like start outside of the house, or just take you to a different place," she said. "And so I thought of this Dazed and Confused kind of hippie scene, and while we were shooting it, [Belladonna's husband, cameraman/editor] Aiden said, 'Hey, pretend like there's a really good song on, and dance to it.'

"After we were done," she went on, "we were thinking about, 'Well, either we've got to make some music, or we've got to find some music to put in here, because it just goes with the scene.' And we thought, 'Well, why not do a little blog on MySpace and find out who wants to put their music in our movie?' So it's kind of cool, because a lot of people really have a lot of great music out there, and we're willing to pay for it; I don't like to just ask for things for free."

Discovering Alexis Texas is due out in February from Belladonna Entertainment/Evil Angel. As Bella put it, "This isn't going to be one of those Awakening of Sasha Grey movies that's lost in the vault. I said, 'Aiden, no more fancy special effects on your movies,' 'cause that's what's making him take forever on that other one.

"This one, just all around ... god, it was so easy to shoot her!" Bella concluded. "So easy! Every single scene was just awesome."

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