AVN Awards Winners: Jenna Haze, Mason and William H.

All-Sex, High-End All-Sex, Gonzo ... a few loosely disparate riffs on the same basic melody: no narrative, just nookie. And this year's AVN Awards saw a new triumvirate of the form take throne, namely Jenna Haze, William H. and Mason.

Haze, in particular, emerged as the nascent titan of the arena overall, with her self-produced, self-helmed, self-starring Just Jenna conquering the Best All-Sex Release category, Cum-Spoiled Brats taking Best Young Girl Release, and Meow! prevailing in Best All-Girl Release. About as far as you can get from a "sophomore slump" for her still budding Jennaration X Studios.

"I'm just kind of floored," Haze told AVN. "I couldn't believe it afterwards ... I was dancing around. I ran up to Jules [Jordan, whose Jules Jordan Video distributes her movies], I gave him a big kiss, and he was like, 'You won more than me!' And I was like, 'Yes I did.'"

Her tremendous windfall at the awards has completely reinvigorated her ambitions for the future of Jennaration X, Haze said. "It's funny, because last year I was ready to give up my company," she confessed. "I did one year of movies, and I was like, 'I don't know if I can do this.' It was a lot of stress for me to get it going, and I do everything myself, from booking the girls, picking the wardrobe, picking the locations, going over the editing, doing everything. It was a lot more work than I thought it was. But I decided to at least give it one more year, and I'm so glad I did. Because now it gave me the motivation to keep going and showed me that my hard work is paying off, and people are noticing that I have an artistic mind and I have a director's mind underneath all my giggly sluttiness, and I can make some good porn."

Not that Jenna is the only gal on the block churning out good porn these days, mind you. Much longer-standing helmswoman Mason reigned supreme in the gonzo sector with her epic Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman, showcasing (respectively) fellow Female Performer of the Year contenders Alexis Texas and Kristina Rose.

In an ultra-rare interview, the exclusive Elegant Angel directrix described BvS as "one of my all-time favorite movies to date. I'm just so pleased the girls were recognized for all they gave. They are two of the most dedicated and determined performers I have ever worked with, and that makes my job that much easier. Except it's not a job, it makes it an adventure. It made it something very special and memorable that I won't soon forget."

Among the array of elements that made the experience so unforgettable, Mason said, was, "God, to fly in a fucking helicopter! It's not every day you get to take a helicopter to work. And just every single scene with every person that was involved, they gave it their all, be it sexually ... I hate to say emotionally, but it was kind of hard to determine when the performing started, stopped, and it was just them being them."

Mason's fellow Elegant maestro William H. registered about the same amount of surprise as Haze over his win for Best High-End All-Sex Release, for the glimmering, breathtakingly gorgeous Performers of the Year 2010.

"That's why I kind of looked like an idiot on stage," he chuckled, "'cause they've only let me up there once, and that was eight or nine years ago, and I said I had a goldfish in my wiener hole, and I think ever since then they didn't want me going up. So I wasn't expecting it at all."

Asked how he manages to conjure that magnificently high-end feel, H. mused, "I just try to shoot them the most beautiful way, with the sunset going down, and just try to enhance their beauty with the locations and sunlight and that kind of stuff. I like to make it really nice, and visual eye-candy."

Of course, he conceded, "The fact that I have the opportunity to shoot these top girls makes a difference. If I was shooting Crystal Meth and Jenny Shitsherself, it'd be different. But I would like to shoot that stuff, man ... maybe a movie or two. I could do Methadone Clinic Suck-Off; that would be fun."

This year, Best High-End All-Sex; next year, Most Vile All-Slag—we dig a man with range.


This article originally ran in the March 2011 print edition of AVN magazine. AVN.com features photos of the AVN Awards winners, the stage show and the red carpet.