xHamster Releases '2018 Global Trend Report'

LOS ANGELES—Leading amateur site xHamster has released its 2018 global trend report, looking at the future of adult film in the coming year. The report, compiled by looking at more than 15 billion visits to the site, shows a marked change from past years.

*Women are (26%), even as large numbers of new consumers come online in places like India and South Korea. The most popular search term for women was "Daddy."

*Porn searches, particularly in the US, have . Simpler searches (e.g., "handjob," "pantyhose," "wife") grew the most in 2017, while more extreme ones ("anal" "stepmom" "babysitter") saw significant decreases.

*Searches for VR and Sex Dolls nearly doubled in the past 12 months.

*Users are demanding that casts be increasingly diverse. Searches for films showing black, Latin American and Middle Eastern performers , while searches for traditional Europeans ethnicities fell.

The report is part of a larger project to help consumers and producers better understand the changing global market.

"Our strength has always been our user-produced amateur content, rather than studio content," says Alex Hawkins, vice president of xHamster. "This gives us a better sense of what people actually want, rather than what is marketed to them. What we've seen over the past twelve months is that users are growing bored or disenchanted with more extreme acts and concocted scenarios. With social media, a lot of studios have moved toward keyword content that's great for memes and search engines, but not as appealing to an increasingly diverse viewer base."

Read the full , with charts, graphs and analysis, on xHamster's news platform.