Web Vixen: Interview with Janessa Brazil

This article originally ran in the of AVN magazine.

Tell me about yourself and how you got started on the web.
My name is Janessa Brazil. I’m 26 years old and was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to the U.S. in 1994, though it’s been a long time that I’ve been living in the U.S. I still speak Portuguese fluently.

What brought you into the business to begin with?
I was originally a licensed massage therapist but I got sick of working for corporate America and making no money, so I decided to start webcamming, and a year later I built my own site and own it 100 percent. I have never been happier and I enjoy and love my fans very much.

Were you a fan of porn before getting into the industry? If so, what kind of porn did you watch?
No, I never was a fan of porn [laughs]. I was extremely conservative before I started webcamming. I guess I’m still kind of conservative in a way but way more fun! I enjoy shooting naked in public so I would say I’m a lot less conservative now.

You’ve been very successful on the web for a number of years. How do you keep things fresh and unique on your site, JanessaBrazil.com?
I’m very lucky to be where I am today. I’ve worked really hard for the past few years to try to be different from the hundreds of other solo girls on the net. I’m always trying to come up with new shoot ideas and keeping my site updated every week—it’s what retains members. I’m always interacting with each and every one of my fans whether is through email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and webcamming. I think interaction is the most important thing for my members. Any guy can steal my pics and videos but they can’t ever steal live interaction. I’m also always adding new things to my site and keeping my members area fresh with pics and videos, candid updates, cam archives, forum and lots of bonus HD videos. All my videos are HD.

Have you thought about doing hardcore b/g for your site?
I get asked all the time when I’m going to do b/g and I tell them I haven’t really thought about it. I’m having so much fun and doing so well with what I do that b/g doesn’t come to mind. I’m not saying that it’s easy to come up with new and fun ideas to limit myself with just g/g and solo material, but I’m personally not ready to do hardcore any time soon—but never say never!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on camera? What about off?
The craziest picture set I’ve shot so far is one that I did on a fishing boat. Me and my photographer literally went up to the captain of the boat and asked him to shoot some nude pics on it, and he was all about it. Little did he know I was going to be doing spreads and doggie-style-type pics. Not too long after I started shooting I had about 10 fisherman watching me shoot. Oh, and did I mention there was a restaurant with outside seating feet away and the only thing blocking us from them was a large tree? What an adrenaline rush!

The craziest thing I’ve done off camera was riding on a rollercoaster and as soon as we took off I decided to lift up my shirt and ride the coaster topless knowing that the face cam was definetly going to catch me, and it sure did! I didn’t get to see the pic since I literally just ran out of there before anyone saw me, but my friends stayed to see the pic. They said that everyone standing around busted out laughing. I felt so free riding that coaster topless [laughs].

What is your dream sexual scenario that you’d like to shoot?
My dream sexual scenario is having sex with another guy while my boyfriend watches. That might not seem so crazy for some people but since I’ve never been with another man other than my boyfriend of eight years, it’s a big deal for me.

What’s your favorite thing about shooting porn?
My favorite thing about shooting porn is that it’s a job that you get to be naked and masturbate constantly. I love everything about shooting porn, especially shooting g/g content. I love dominating girls.

If you weren’t a web model what other career would you like to have?
If I wasn’t a web model I would love to be a food taster around the world! I’m such a fat girl inside this skinny body.