Ron Harris Launches Virtual Girlfriend Website,

HOLLYWOOD - Celebrated fashion photographer Ron Harris, the man responsible for the sexually implicit Aerobicise phenomenon, has officially launched The Virtual Girlfriend site, , under his affiliate program .

Kara Duhe (pronounced Dew) surrounds Harris' muse and offers tantalizing images in high-definition, which are fully compatible for streaming and PlayStation 3 or iPhone viewing. Members will enjoy multiple weekly updates, live chat three times weekly and her personal diary.

"I knew when I first shot Kara that something important was happening," Harris said. "Kara has changed the way I look at photography, the way I look at myself and the way I look at the world. I have always said that ‘Women are stronger then men,' and Kara once again confirms this."

Harris said he feels Duhe's playful, adorable innocence draws people in.

"Her unbridled, raw sexuality traps you, making it impossible to leave," he said. "Our incredible chemistry has created something I have never before seen. The close-ups, the intimate point-of-view angles, the honest arousal, this is not just another model site - this is much, much more. I believe people will actually fall for this girl. Kara truly is your girlfriend ... your virtual girlfriend."

Duhe is in love with the concept and enjoys the spontaneity and sensuality.

"I love the idea of sharing my thoughts, ideas, passions (and naked body) with my members," she said. "I am a fun lovin' Florida college girl who loves the beach, loves to shop and loves toys, yes ... those toys ... lolz! Together, Ron and I have taken the sexy, sensual part of me and brought it out in the open. I feel more confident, more powerful and more beautiful. Best of all, I am having the greatest orgasms of my life!"

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