PanchoDog Spices up with Online Comic

MONTERREY, Mexico - Adult affiliate program has entered into virgin territory with the launch of their beautifully rendered online comic featuring erotic solo-girl .

Each eight-panel comic page is illustrated by seasoned artist Abril, aka El Duende Z, of Monterrey, Mexico, before being colored and re-mastered in PhotoShop.

of the comic is currently available to members on Rebel's website and features eight full pages in 2,000 by 3,050 pixel sizes. There will be one to two full eight-panel pages released each week inside the member's area until the season concludes.

"Upon reaching 50 pages and the culmination of Season One, we will release a hardcover graphic novel edition that will be published with tons of original artwork, Ariel photos, behind-the-scene sketches and more," Rico "Dog Keeper," chief executive officer and founder of Pancho Dog, told .

Season Two is set to begin in July 2009, with recaps of the storyline being offered in the Reviews area.

"As time goes on we will also release a portion of the sketches, originals and behind-the-scenes extras online in the member's area, but the majority will be held for the hardback release," Rico said. "We made it difficult to download because there is limited material, given the cost and work involved in doing this type of content."

Depending on the popularity of the sci-fi adventure and how things develop, Rico said everything might very well be available for download through the website.

"If the response is big enough we will double or quadruple the output of the comic and do quite a bit more, like an animated series," Rico added. "At present, we have to see how things pan out. High-quality animation is a project on its own, with more than a few bucks to spend."

The concept behind the comic began one day when Rebel was surfing the Web and found a site titled which featured various drawings of her.

"Ariel and I were really excited to see so many people interested in her and doing such a wide range of artistic interpretations," Rico explained. "Abril just spoke to us."

Rebel, a huge fan of the Japanese comic form manga and erotic anime known as hentai, has been wanting to do a project like this for a long time.

"I absolutely love Abril's art," Rebel told AVN Online. "This type of material is something I was very eager to do and Abril captured it perfectly. Now I have the opportunity to explore all my crazy hardcore fantasies in a medium that I love."

Rebel, Abril and Rico decided to move forward on the project after discussing it in depth for some time.

"We all talked for a couple of months about the story," Rebel said. "Abril is very creative and had some great ideas to contribute, while Rico and I added our two cents here and there to spice things up. I pulled a lot of ideas from my twisted fantasies and had Abril put everything together. It's one sexy, crazy adventure!"

Rico and the gang were very happy with the initial results and after nine months of character and story development, the online comic was born.

Without giving too much away, the story begins after Rebel arrives to an alien world, far from our own, on an interstellar space cycle that can only be described as out of this world. Rebel finds herself among cute naked nymphs and alien thugs with multiple cocks, with weapons she has yet to understand. Nevertheless, a new world opens up to Rebel and offers her more opportunities for love, friends, adventures and a lot of sex.

Future projects surrounding Rebel include RedandBlue.TV where she will be featured as Little Red Riding Hood. Instead of being stalked by the Big Bad Wolf, she will be pursed by her lesbian counterpart, Blue, who is upset that Red is using her turf to visit her grandma.

"This will be a major production," Rico said, adding that they are currently developing storyboards.

For more information about the world of , visit her website and click on the Ariel Rebel Comic .