Nude Model Erica Campbell Retires After Religious Conversion

LOS ANGELES - Nude adult model Erica Campbell has retired after "accepting Jesus Christ as her lord and savior."

In an essay posted at , Campbell said she has found a "new clarity" and "purpose" for her life.

"I was so lost in myself and in the world that I didn't even realize that I was lost," she wrote. "I want to help these lost souls, these girls that are abusing and selling themselves for nothing. I want to show them the light - and the love of Jesus. Only he can fill this void in their life."

Campbell said the past few years have been very difficult for her.

"That is no secret to anyone that knows anything about me," she said. "I have been working my tail off to support myself, my farm, my [animal] rescues, my family, and the list goes on. No matter how hard I worked, no matter how many people or creatures I helped, I still had that void inside of my heart and my soul."

Campbell is offering subscribers a full refund and has posted her email address for friends and fans to use to contact her.

Campbell has appeared in several adult publications, including and . She also has appeared on modeling websites such as , , and her official site