First To Stream Deflowering of Young Virgin Live

SAN FRANCISCOToday announced to be the first company to stream the deflowering of a virgin on the Internet. Young virgin Nicki Blue will be deflowered in a ritualistic ceremony live on the Internet. The ceremony will be held on The Upper Floor of’s headquarters, the San Francisco Armory, at 7 p.m. on January 15, 2011.

“We will start the evening by tightly binding Ms. Blue and introducing three legends: Mark Davis, Jack Hammer and James Deen,” said director John Paul ‘The Pope’. “Fans will vote for which of them will take Nicki’s virginity. Once the voting is complete, we will move to the sanctum, which will be dressed as a ritualistic chamber with candles and ceremonial tools. She’ll be placed in the circle and the winner selected by fans will deflower her. The other two will then join the ceremony and make her airtight.”

Prior to the ceremony actually beginning, a trained expert will insert’s official hymen-cam to validate that Nicki’s hymen is still in place and that she is a true virgin. Once her hymen is confirmed, the evening will proceed.

“To our knowledge there has never been a model lose her virginity live and streaming on the Internet, nothing has, or will, parallel the event taking place on The Upper Floor later this month,” said Peter Acworth, founder of “We strive each and every day to bring the best possible content to our customers and sacrificing Nicki’s innocence is in perfect alignment with what our fans expect and deserve.”

The shoot begins at 7 p.m. on January 15, and the ceremony follows at 8 p.m. Please visit to register for the event.